Details to plan before decorating your home

Details to plan before decorating your home
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Decorating an apartment is a long process. For some people it is a difficult stage before settling in their dream place, for others it is fun. Regardless of that, it is worth knowing what to plan before you start decorating. In this article we suggest what details are worth paying attention to beforehand.

Basic needs

Determining what we require from the apartment is the most important at the initial stage of decorating. You need to think about how you want specific rooms to look like. This will allow to obtain a space in which we will feel comfortable. It is worth answering the basic questions, ie:

– what must necessarily be in the apartment?

– what equipment can I do without in each room?

– do I receive many guests?

– do I need a bathtub or a shower?

– do I need extra space to store things?

These are just some of the most important things to consider before decorating your home. It’s also worth making a “wish list” of items, appliances and accessories that you absolutely must have in your home.

The power of details

Even if you are a supporter of minimalist, classic interiors, you can think in advance what color will be the accessories and decorations in specific rooms. Often, for example, in living rooms, where white and gray dominate, we decide to break such stylistics with one strong color, such as bottle green or purple. This allows you to give a unique character to the room and emphasize its elegance.


This is one of the most functional elements of equipment, but at the same time it can make an incredible visual impression. It is worth choosing lamps to match the style of the entire interior. The place where the chandelier or LED lamps will be located should be chosen earlier, if the apartment is prepared from scratch. If, in turn, we move into one that has already conducted electrical installation, we can at most decide on the appropriate lamps. This, however, is still very much. Depending on what style will dominate the living room, bedroom or kitchen, it is worth to match them type of lighting.

Accessories for furniture

These are another accessories, without which it is impossible to live. However, nothing stands in the way of betting on unique, original furniture accessories. In the living room or kitchen you can opt for ornate cabinet handles, and in the dining room – chairs and a table on stylized legs

Interesting handles for external doors can also make a great first impression at the very entrance to the house. Although it may seem that these are unimportant details, they attract attention and can change every interior, door or piece of furniture. It is worth reaching for such solutions, to give the apartment a character in a clear, but still subtle way.

Wall decorations

Appropriate appearance of walls may be a problem because apart from paint, wallpaper or panels, also appropriate decoration is important. There are many ways to decorate walls, so it is worth to think about the best ones.

An idea for decorating walls in a living room or bedroom are, for example, bookshelves. It is a solution especially for book lovers, but it can give the interior a character of artistic disorder. Books look good on every wall and next to them on the shelves you can also place other decorations, such as flowers or candles. Shelves are available in stores in different shapes and designs, so even leaving them empty can be an interesting solution.

Another common way to decorate walls are paintings. It is worth matching them with the color of the walls and the character of the interior.

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