6 kroków do życia w rytmie slow
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Do you want to slow down a bit? Feel like you’re constantly rushing around and don’t have time for yourself? Start with small steps to achieve peace and harmony.

15 minutes for yourself

Start with a simple ritual of finding 15 minutes to yourself during the day. You can devote them to a hot bath, reading your favorite book, or coloring (yes, this is a great idea for relaxation not only for children). Try to avoid contact with technology, such as TV and smartphones.

Swap your car for a scooter

If you can, use a bike or a scooter more often. You’ll get some physical activity and you’ll also breathe in more fresh air. This will make a big difference to your well-being.

Surround yourself with pleasant things

What does that mean? Remember to organize the space around you. Chaos and excess stuff is not conducive to relaxation. Surround yourself only with things that you enjoy and need. For example, the latest smartwatch gadget may not be the best idea. It will distract you and encourage you to spend your free time with… technology. Think about whether you really need it.

Eat healthy

Instead of a sugared drink, opt for natural herbs. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, then you have a chance to provide your body with the best. Also pay attention to the country of origin of products.

Be closer to nature and people

Playing board games together, conversations, playing with your pets – such forms of leisure activities will surely translate into your life in a slow rhythm.

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