Electrolytes during hot weather – keep your body hydrated!

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Electrolytes during hot weather – keep your body hydrated!
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You may love summer for the accompanying high temperatures and glorious sunshine, and you may hate it. Regardless of your opinion on the summer months, your body needs you to take special care of it

The higher the temperature, the more fluids your body needs to function properly

Water is you!

Sounds cliché? Or maybe not true? It is worth knowing that the body of an adult human consists of as much as 70 per cent of water! It is found in every cell of your body. That is why dehydration affects us so significantly. Even a small loss of water from the body causes many physiological processes to stop functioning properly

Electrolytes in your body

Remember also that your body also consists of electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals dissolved in cell fluids. They are ions of chlorine, magnesium, sodium, or potassium. Their job is to maintain the proper osmotic concentration, without which your body will not function properly. That’s why during hot months, when it’s so easy to make your body lose them, it’s worth taking an extra dose of electrolytes in addition to water.

Water – a proven classic!

The topic seems simple – the best way to quench thirst will be water, right? Not necessarily. Everything depends on what kind of water you choose. Spring water will not replenish electrolytes in your body. In fact, too much of it can even dilute them!

If it’s getting hot outside, water with a high mineral content is a better choice. However, you have to take into account that even though it mainly guarantees your daily dose of magnesium and calcium, it still lacks the right amount of sodium and potassium. Therefore, it is worth drinking water, however, you should also reach for other beverages.

What instead of water?

Although hot drinks are the last thing on your mind during hot weather, contrary to what you may think, green tea and herbs are the best choice. Of course, it is best to prepare them in advance and let them cool down. An interesting alternative is a cold brew made of tea leaves! Just pour 2-3 tablespoons of tea into a pot of cold water the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight. The next day you’ll enjoy a delicious, chilled brew that will give your body a solid dose of vitamins and minerals.

Extra dose of electrolytes

Unfortunately, in the case of particularly oppressive heat, water alone will not be enough help for your body. Then you need to reach for the summer lifebelt – electrolytes. A proven and simple way to get a quick electrolyte boost is… adding a pinch of salt to your water. Of course, not everyone will like this method. No wonder, salty water is not particularly tasty

However, you can find special rehydration preparations or electrolyte packs at any pharmacy. Most often you’ll find them in the form of effervescent tablets that you can drop into a water bottle. They are especially useful for people who intend to spend their vacations actively or do outdoor sports. Although it is advisable to limit physical activity in case of high heat, if you are not able to completely stop it, it is good to support your body in this way.

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