What fall and winter supplies are worth making?

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What fall and winter supplies are worth making?
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Summer is not only a time for relaxation. It’s also the time to make supplies – especially since fruits and vegetables are in abundance during this period! What kind of supplies will be best?

Stocking up for the winter is not only a certainty that there will be plenty of goodies waiting for us in the pantry on cold days, but also a big saving. Especially since prices in stores have been skyrocketing for months, and fruits and vegetables, which are cheap in summer, cost several times more in autumn and winter. So what supplies are worth preparing for this time?

Jams to the base

Nothing tastes as good on a chilly autumn evening as a slice of fresh bread with homemade jam. These preserves are undoubtedly a hit when it comes to winter supplies. They are of high quality and good composition, without any enhancers or unnecessary chemicals, which unfortunately happen to be found in purchased products. It is worth making jams from fruits and vegetables that come from certain places, are organic and therefore healthier. It is worth making jams with less sugar. 

You can make jams from strawberries, raspberries, cherries, currants, plums, apples, berries, rosehips… ideas and recipes abound. 

Homemade ketchup and sauces

In summer, tomatoes cost little, so it is worth making homemade ketchup. Not only is it healthier, free of enhancers in the form of chemical ingredients, but also many times tastier. By making it regularly, you can develop your ideal taste. Bought ketchup often contains a lot of sugar, and in homemade – there may be none at all. 

It is also a good idea to make homemade sauces, which can then be added to many different dishes – pizza, pasta, etc. Such a sauce is also healthier, but another plus is its price. The one prepared on your own in the summer will be much cheaper than the store one.

Frozen food – perfect for winter!

Fruits and vegetables can also be frozen. This allows us to use them later for cakes, oatmeal, sauces and various dishes. This type of frozen food can be safely kept in the freezer for 12 months, so until the next season. 

You can also freeze meat. In summer it is often at lower prices, because during this period, interestingly enough, we eat a little less of it. So it’s worth stocking up and freezing it for the winter. Especially since more increases are coming!

Cucumbers and cucumber salads – an alternative to salads

In summer, cucumbers are really cheap. That’s why making preserves from them is a staple for many people. They are very healthy, ideal for colds. Pickled cucumbers have plenty of vitamin C, which supports immunity. And they are also rich in vitamin K, which helps regulate the body’s calcium balance and has a beneficial effect on blood clotting.

Cucumber salads, that is, cucumbers in jars with, for example, mushrooms, peppers, etc., are also very popular. They are a great alternative to summer salads!

main photo: unsplash.com/Martin Lostak

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