Domowe (i darmowe) pomysły na relaks w domu
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Nowadays, relaxation is one of the most desired and neglected things. Excessive responsibilities and the stress associated with them negatively affect our body and mind. We are perpetually tired and sad. It is worth looking for a solution to this situation and find ways to relax easily

1. Learn to breathe consciously

Mindfulness training through conscious breathing is practiced in yoga and mindfulness, among others. It takes some time to reach perfection, but the most important is breathing itself, which is the most primal and human reflex. Doing this activity consciously, you will notice that the breath consists of four stages, that is inhale – pause – exhale – pause. By consciously stopping the exhalation, you calm the emotions that are going on. By controlling your breathing, your heart rate slows and tension is released

2. Relieve your nerves with music

Music is very important in our lives. Depending on the kind of person you are, you can calm yourself downin two ways. The first is to soothe your body. Imagine a warm evening, scented candles and classical, relaxing music. With it you will stop for a moment and calm your heart rate. It is possible and, what is more, it is free. The second way is the opposite of the first. Put on some energizing music and start dancing. This will help you oxygenate your body, calm your emotions and burn some calories

3. Go for a walk or exercise at home

Luckily, any of these are free and give you amazing results. On warmer days, go for a walk, go to the park, or go out of town. Get a breath of fresh air and put your worries out of your mind. If you don’t like walking, we recommend taking advantage of free workouts online. They don’t have to be hard, the important thing is that they clear your thoughts, give you a good dose of serotonin – the happy hormone – and make you smile again.

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