6 things you can do yourself rather than buy

6 things you can do yourself rather than buy
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We live in a time when everything is available in stores. Everything we want, we can buy – it is almost at our fingertips. However, this makes us spend a lot of money. In addition, many of the things we buy are never used, so the money we spend is wasted. The environment also suffers

Unnecessary items end up in landfills after a few weeks or months, and due to the fact that they are mostly made of plastic, their decomposition may take even a dozen or several dozen years.

1. Homemade candles

Scented candles are one of the furnishings that are found in almost every home. It is a decorative detail that, when lit, spreads a very pleasant scent throughout the rooms. Very often candles are added as a small gift to a present. However, it is worth knowing that you can make them yourself at home. All you need is a bit of wax, preferably natural and soy, essential oils, as well as wicks and a glass container. A homemade scented candle can be customized in appearance and scent to match your interior design. However, the important thing is that you can make one without spending all your savings.

2. Homemade sweets – cheap and healthier

Sweet bars, cookies, candies and chocolates – these are food products that are very often found in our baskets. However, do not forget that they are rich in harmful chemical and artificial flavors and fragrances. In addition, they consist of trans fats, which contribute to the development of inflammation in the body and increase the risk of cancer. A cheaper and healthier solution will be to make sweets yourself at home. This way, you can not only save money, but, moreover, be sure of what is in such sweets. This has a good impact on the household budget and health.

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3. Homemade natural cosmetics

Lotions, body mists, perfumes, tonics and creams – this can be done independently at home. To create natural cosmetics for the body and face, you can use products that are usually available at home. For example, a hair mask can be boiled rice water. It will make your hair soft, silky and pleasant to touch. Egg is also a great hair mask, as it makes hair shiny and nourishes it. For acne-prone faces and those with excessive sebum secretion, a tonic made of distilled water, a bit of lemon juice and bay leaves will work perfectly. Such a combination will have a regulating effect on sebaceous glands, slightly astringent and brightening.

4. Containers for kitchen and office accessories

Plastic containers, cans, glass jars and bottles – all this can be used at home in many ways. All containers need to be washed, cleaned of any labels, and then painted and decorated to your liking. You can keep kitchen gadgets or cutlery in them. They are also perfect as a container for paint brushes and other makeup accessories

You can use them in your home office or children’s room, where they can become a container for pens, markers and many other tools. Sets of such containers can cost really a lot, but if you decide to create them yourself, you can save a lot.

5. Homemade cleaning products

Making cleaning products is also recommended. They are available in stores at really high prices, and you can make many of them yourself at home. To create cleaning products, you can use:

  • vinegar,
  • baking soda,
  • citric acid,
  • toothpaste,
  • black carbon,
  • glycerine.

From all these products, which can be bought at very low prices in grocery stores and pharmacies, you can create effective home cleaners. With them, you can clean tiles, windows, kitchen countertop, glass, and also clean metal surfaces from stone. This is not only a cheaper solution, but also safer. There are no chemical ingredients in household cleaners.

6. Cosmetics for makeup

Homemade makeup cosmetics that can be had for pennies will also work perfectly. As eyeshadows, you can use natural dyes that you can buy in grocery stores. Instead of blush or lipstick, you can use beet or peels after peeling it.

Such self-created items are not only cheaper but, moreover, very effective. It’s worth creating household items because it saves a lot of money and has a good ecological impact.

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