Minimalism in the bedroom – when is it worth betting on it?

Minimalism in the bedroom – when is it worth betting on it?
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Bedroom is a place where we rest and relax after a hard day. It is also a room that should give a sense of security and harmony. That is why some apartment owners opt for minimalism in the bedroom. See how to arrange an interior in such style.

What is a minimalistic bedroom?

Minimalism is associated with cleanliness, visual order and harmony. That is why it is perfect for a bedroom, where after a hard day it is good to calm down and clear your mind. Nevertheless, cozy character of the room goes hand in hand with minimalist bedroom. How to combine it?

Minimalism in the bedroom is often associated with the Scandinavian style. Bright shades not only enlarge the space, but make it visually organized. Natural wood, white, gray and simple forms dominate here. You can also decide on a different style, such as a more modern, glamorous and loft style. This type of arrangement will also work well in a minimalistic bedroom. Here you do not have to resign from more intense colors and designer wall decorations, for example brick, stone or designer wallpaper. It is important that the hues are consistent and form a unified whole. Wooden accents, referring to nature, also look great in a rustic style

When should you go for minimalism in the bedroom?

Minimalism in the bedroom means visual order and that is why it is perfect for small interiors. Excessive decorations, shelves, visible books, clothes, curtains, cosmetics and candles will only overwhelm a smaller room. That is why it is worth betting on functional furniture and storage space. The key is to arrange a minimalist bedroom in such a way, that it is also cozy. A minimalist bedroom in a larger room, on the other hand, looks more modern and spacious.

Consistent shapes, forms and colors

Remember to keep all textures, motifs and shades consistent with each other. If you go for an additional color accent, use them in one place or match them with accessories. The best base for further decorating is of course white, both in terms of wall color and furniture.

Bed and bedding

The central and most important point in a minimalist bedroom is, of course, the bed. To keep the visual order, consider simple forms. Besides, continental beds, which have an extra container under the mattress, are a good idea. There you can hide extra pillows and even an ironing board. This will save a lot of space, and the room will be tidy.

Also, consider the look of the bedding. The best look here is a monochromatic one, as if from a hotel, without additional patterns or motifs

What accessories for a minimalistic bedroom?

Does minimalism in the bedroom mean no accessories? Of course not. It is best to choose accessories that match the rest of the room. A good trick here is to put all the ornaments, curtains or cushions in a store in one place. This way you can judge if they match visually

Opt for natural wood, ceramic or stone elements. And don’t give up on a rug – it’s great for getting out of bed each morning. Think about an individual accent, that is one, which distinguishes this interior. Graphics on the wall, a photo in a form of a sticker or ornaments connected with a hobby are also recommended here.

Remember, however, that minimalism in a bedroom means restraint in accessories and decorations. It can also distract you before going to bed

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