Kitchen accessories – a must have for your kitchen

Kitchen accessories – a must have for your kitchen
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The ideal kitchen is one that is functional but not overloaded with equipment. We often keep numerous items in the hope that they will come in handy someday, but that’s usually not the case. Find out what appliances are necessary to equip your kitchen.

The kitchen is the place where we spend a large part of our day. Preparing meals for the family and kids, baking a cake or preparing a party for guests is laborious. It’s worth taking care to spend this time in a pleasant environment, around a cleverly arranged space. The first step towards a properly organized kitchen is to be aware of the tools you need for the job.

Minimalism in the kitchen

Multifunctionality of kitchen tools is the key to creating a simple and pleasant space. These will save you space, which is sure to come in handy when preparing food. Get rid of electronic machines that you don’t use but take up valuable space. Replace them with a device that has all the functions you need and takes up much less kitchen worktop. Minimalism is all about harmony. In fact, you don’t need many appliances in your kitchen, the essential ones are important. This does not change the fact that you need good quality products.

Kitchen essentials

A basic set, which you will find in every kitchen, utensils for cooking, i.e. pots of different capacity, and baking, e.g. a frying pan. Two of them will come in handy, one larger with a diameter of 34 cm and the other smaller with a diameter of 20 – 24 cm . A deep frying pan is perfect for preparing risotto, aleo, spaghetti or Asian dishes. The best will be with thicker bottom, covered with a good quality Teflon, it will prevent the food from sticking and burning. A flat pan will allow you to fry pancakes or croquettes

A frying pan with a smaller diameter is an absolute must have in your kitchen. A small frying pan allows you to quickly prepare omelettes or scrambled eggs. It can be used to fry onions while you fry chops in the other pan.

On the knife’s edge

Cutlery should not be forgotten either, especially good knives with a comfortable handle. Unless you are a professional chef, you don’t need a whole set of professional knives. A classic knife, with a wide blade at the base and a large, comfortable handle, will certainly come in handy. This is the one you will use the most

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In addition, get a smaller knife for cutting vegetables, and a peeler. I also recommend you a knife with serrations for cutting bread. With the right blade, the crispy crust won’t be torn, but will cut smoothly, keeping its fluffiness

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