What affects indoor air quality?

What affects indoor air quality?
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Dry air in the house has a negative impact on the well-being of the household members and also their health. Exactly the same is its pollution. It can cause unpleasant ailments. What influences the quality of air in a room? How to take care of it? We suggest!

Why is clean air at home important?

The condition of air at home, i.e. its humidity as well as the level of pollution, have an impact on your and your household members’ well-being. Unfortunately, they are common causes of coughs, dry throats, runny noses and even fatigue, headaches and respiratory infections

We spend a lot of our free time at home, which is why it is so important to take care of the air quality. This can be even worse than outside, especially during the heating season. Dust and mites start to float in the air, and dangerous chemical compounds come from outside. What exactly affects indoor air quality?

Where does dirty air come from in the home?

Opening windows and ventilating regularly is essential for the exchange of air in an apartment or house. However, it’s worth considering that there is often smog and dangerous chemicals outside. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep track of the air quality information outside, especially during the smog season, so that substances that can affect your health and well-being don’t get into your home.

Air quality is also affected by dust and mites. These are particularly dangerous for people with allergies, so you need to remember about regular cleaning. Moreover, air humidity is also important, and with this parameter there is a big problem during the heating season. On radiators are, of course, a source of heat, but they also affect the fact that the air dries out. This is bad not only for the organism of household members, but also for their skin. Air humidity in the apartment should be between 40 and 70%. On the other hand, too much moisture in the house translates into the risk of mold and mildew

In addition, homes are often occupied by pets, which can carry pollutants and specific odors through their fur. Of course, air quality is also affected if regular smokers live in the home

Problems may also occur during renovations in the house, renovation of old furniture, e.g. by floating impregnates or varnishes in the air

How to care for the air quality at home?

First of all, regularly ventilate the room, preferably avoiding the smog season. It is good to do it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for 15 minutes each. If your home is large, you should ventilate rooms separately

Regularly clean surfaces and clean textiles such as blankets and carpets. This is where dust and dust mites reside. If you have allergy sufferers in your home, it’s a good idea to get vacuums with HEPA filters. Are you a plant lover? Then place them on shelves, floors or windowsills. Choose types that further purify the air and increase the humidity in the room

It is also a good idea to use home air purifiers. These are becoming increasingly popular on the market. Such devices not only effectively get rid of harmful substances, but also humidify the air

To make your home smell pleasant, you can use air fresheners. However, remember that they should be completely natural and ecological, so that their smell does not harm your household members. You can get such products at http://vertion.pl/.

If you have an air conditioner in your home or office, remember to maintain and refill it regularly. Special air-conditioning cleaning products, e.g. from http://airok.pl/, will come in handy. A good way is to hire a special company that will do it for you, such as Service Klimatyzacji Śląsk.

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