Fighting smog – what can you do?

Fighting smog – what can you do?
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It is a problem that is a real bane of our times. Polluted air threatens life and health, so it is worth knowing how to protect yourself and your family from smog.

Smog – the problem affects everyone!

Although some people would like to think that polluted air is a problem only for inhabitants of big cities, they are wrong. Smog is such a nuisance that it affects us all – even those living in villages and small towns, especially as the pollution very often comes from the stoves in our homes

Smog is created solely by man, through substances such as sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide, suspended particles and carcinogenic aromatic hydrocarbons entering the atmosphere. Pollutants are emitted by cars and factories, as well as the previously mentioned home furnaces. So we breathe them in every day, putting ourselves at risk of serious health damage. Although smog does not take our lives right away, the long-term process of inhaling harmful substances has its effects. These can include not only respiratory diseases, but also cancer. What can you do to fight smog and protect yourself and loved ones?

Consider switching modes of transportation

It’s no secret that the number of cars on the streets drastically affects the amount of harmful substances entering the air. If you have the environment’s best interests at heart, it’s really worth considering switching to public transportation

Taking thebus to work has many advantages, not least of which is not having to find a parking space. Besides, you can read a book or an article on the Internet in peace and quiet. Even one less car on the streets is already a step towards a better environment! If you can’t give up your car every day, try taking public transport only one day a week. That’s something!

Don’t burn trash!

While it seems obvious that burning trash in the furnace is highly harmful and has disastrous effects on the environment, there are still many people who don’t do anything about it, putting everyone else at risk

Act responsibly. If you own a stove, under no circumstances should you burn garbage or low-quality fuel in it. Also, regularly check the condition of your stove and find out if your city is organizing a program to replace such devices with new ones.

Get yourself an air purifier

While taking care of your and your family’s health, you should think about such a purchase. A good quality air purifier is a piece of equipment that is a real everyday help in creating a healthy home environment

At a time when we are struggling with such a huge smog problem, purchasing such a device seems like a great idea. Make sure that your air purifier comes with a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. Prices for air purifiers vary and everyone is sure to find a device for their means

Masks not only in a pandemic

Although it was the coronavirus pandemic that made masks an everyday sight on our streets, it’s a good idea for them to stay with us

We do not mean to wear them all the time, but you can take it into account when you see that the air condition in the area where you go for a walk is alarming. How to monitor it? Use apps on your phone that tell you the state of the air, and act consciously.

Opt for plants!

Do you like to surround yourself with potted plants in your apartment? Are you creating a rockery by your house? Great, because more greenery means a better environment

Look at it not only in terms of aesthetics, but also consider that planting plants helps purify the air. If you’re wondering how to fight smog without leaving the house, this is definitely a great idea. A new potted plant pleases the eye, but also has a positive effect on the atmosphere. So we see the benefits here alone!

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