What is ozone treatment of the apartment? When is it worth it?

What is ozone treatment of the apartment? When is it worth it?
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Ozonation of a residential building is a method that involves a deep cleaning of the dwelling, using disinfectants. It is an effective procedure in the fight against unpleasant odors, fungus and mold. When is it worth it?

Air consists of oxygen, which is essential for life. Ozone is a component made up of three atoms. The last atom tends to react with other atoms to create new atoms. The property of ozone is its reactivity, which is reflected in the effectiveness of the fight against unwanted odors.

Ozone treatment

The ozone technique is used in the fight against fungus on the wall, which often develops in the bathroom due to humidity. Such situations occur relatively often and the greatest need for this method is observed in old tenement houses. Landlords have certainly found tenants who smoked cigarettes or did not care about hygiene at home. Unfortunately, such carelessness may result in the necessity to disinfect the apartment. Ozonation and its odor-absorbing properties are used in facilities affected by a fire or other disaster that has left an unpleasant odor.

The advantage of this method is accuracy. It reaches every nook and cranny in the home, including sewer pipes, corners of old furniture, and ventilation, destroying microorganisms. There is no other method that is so effective.

Properly conducted treatment gives us a guarantee of getting rid of viruses, mites and fungi. High effectiveness of ozonization makes it used in health centers, rooms where you work with patients. Recently, it has gained much more popularity, due to its disinfection efficiency in the fight against COVID-19.

A health issue

Apart from not looking good, old buildings have a bad effect on our health. Mould and fungi, which persist for many years in the room, have a negative effect on our body. Respiratory problems, oncological diseases and allergies are just a few of the illnesses that airborne toxins can wreak on us. Hospitalization is a long and arduous process, and the only salvation appears to be a change of residence or a decision to ozone it. Medications will have no effect if we do not remove the cause.

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The ozone technique will cope with persistent pests of clothes, namely moles. It will get rid of bedbugs, cockroaches and other pests that make life miserable.

Course of the process

Ozone is a dangerous substance that kills not only mites and fungi. Oxidizer will deteriorate furniture that you did not protect with foil before. A sufficiently high dose of ozone must remain in the apartment for a certain period of time in order to have an adequate effect. It is unacceptable to function in the same room during the ozone treatment. A person wearing a special uniform, which protects the body and respiratory tract against poisoning, can undertake the process of ozonization

Ozonizing an apartment is a process that takes several hours, during which the generator is running. After the process is finished, it is necessary to check the level of ozone in the interior. The cost of the whole process is up to 500 PLN and depends on the surface where it is to be done.

The effectiveness of the method is close to 100%. It should be taken into account that disinfection will cover the actual state of the apartment and does not guarantee a lifetime elimination of pests. It is necessary in such situations to take care of hygiene of the apartment on an ad hoc basis. In the case of an unpleasant smell of cigarettes, it is necessary to get rid of the source of the problem. This will often be associated with the removal of old furniture. If there is a problem of dampness in our apartment, then it is necessary to find out what is the cause in order to remedy it.

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