Allergy-friendly living – care for space and health

Allergy-friendly living – care for space and health
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Allergy is a harmless disease, which, however, can make life miserable. Proper preparation of the apartment will certainly make it easier to function. How to go about it? Read the article to find out.

Red eyes, rashes, runny noses and sneezing are just some of the persistent effects of allergies. Sometimes you feel fine until you change the carpet or forget to wipe the dust regularly. Do not give up your favorite elements of your home just because you cannot find a way out of the situation. First of all, you need to know exactly what type of allergies you have so that you know what to avoid with your interior design

What to look out for when cleaning your apartment?

Stock up on carpets made of fibers that are safe for the environment. If you have the option, do not buy carpets, but leave the floor uncovered. Laying laminate will certainly make it easier to take care of the cleanliness.

Make sure you clean regularly and focus on wiping dust thoroughly. Get a vacuum cleaner with a special HEPA filter to help remove it from your environment. You willalso findwet and dry vacuum cleaners on the market. In addition to cleaning surfaces, this type of device will help you clean your curtains or sofa.

Always make sure that the cloth with which you wipe the dust is moistened. This will give a much better result. A popular dust remover is a broom. Contrary to what you may think, brooms do not get rid of the dust, they just move it around.

Try to ventilate your home regularly, but only when the air outside is not polluted. Otherwise you will only worsen your situation and the symptoms will intensify. An interesting solution is to install filters that inhibit the access of pollutants. Such an article you can easily mount on the window and with curtains will certainly create a protective barrier. In this case, wash your curtains and drapes regularly.

You can also use a moisture meter, which does not cost much but will ensure that mold does not grow in your home. You can bet on natural solutions, such as reindeer weed, which helps you determine whether the air humidity in your home is correct. When it is moist and soft, it means that everything is fine.

Too much heat, on the other hand, contributes to the growth of dust mites. Hang your bedding out on the balcony regularly during the winter to air it out when the temperature is low. The colder it is, the worse the conditions for dust mites, which cannot survive in such circumstances.

How do I furnish the apartment of an allergy sufferer?

Make sure that the walls are painted only with paints suitable for allergy suffer ers. Do not choose cheap products, as low prices do not go hand in hand with high quality.

If you are still determined to buy a carpet, choose one that can easily be washed. A rug does not always serve a decorative function, in the case of toddlers, it is the perfect place to play

You can cover furniture with upholstery with a special anti-sensitization cover. The same applies to ornaments, include them in the arrangement of the apartment, just remember to clean them regularly!

Do away with cabinets that are located in open spaces. This is where most dust collects. Decorate purchased showcases, focusing on minimalism.

Do not place carpets in places where most moisture accumulates, i.e. in the kitchen and bathroom. Waterproof paint or tiles will work best on walls.

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