Heat and insects – how to protect your home from this at a low cost?

Heat and insects – how to protect your home from this at a low cost?
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Spring and summer are two seasons in which heat and insects entering the house can be particularly annoying. We present how to effectively protect against them at a low cost.

How to protect the house from insects?

Insects are a real nuisance, especially on summer and spring days. To avoid all the problems associated with their presence in the external environment, it is worth properly protect the body and the house. How to do it?

Scented candles

A good way to fight unwanted guests are scented candles. You can put them in any room, including your bedroom, because they are not harmful and they smell beautifully. Such a scented candle designed to repel insects works even within a radius of 15 meters. Scented incense sticks are also a similar solution.


An electrofumigator is a very useful device for your home. It is plugged into a socket and the insecticide is inserted into it. Thanks to this, the preparation sprays itself and you do not have to remember about regular spraying the room. The bottle with the agent is replaceable, therefore it is a very practical, but also quite cheap option available in most drugstores or supermarkets.

Mosquito net

A good solution to protect your apartment from insects are also window mosquito nets. Placed on the window they guarantee protection from flying enemies. Thanks to them you can open the window or balcony in the evening with the light on without worrying about insects such as mosquitoes getting into your house.

Insecticide lamp

In contrast, insecticidal lamps work best on balconies and terraces. The higher the wattage of the device, the larger its radius of action.

How to deal with the heat?

Another problem in apartments, especially those on high floors, is the heat. However, there are several ways how to cope with them.

Blinds and curtains

To avoid your apartment from getting too hot on hot days, you can opt for roller blinds. The best will be the ones that provide a lot of shade, such as day blinds. If you prefer classic fabric roller blinds or curtains, choose those made of thick and dark materials, for example in shades of navy blue, green or graphite. Thanks to them sharp rays of the sun will not fall into the house, and your rooms will not heat up and will be pleasantly cool. The most important thing is to remember to cover the windows especially at midday, because the sun at 12 o’clock is at its highest, which makes it shine the strongest. Remember also not to open the windows at this hour – it is better to air out the apartment after 6 p.m., when it becomes a little cooler.


Air circulation in the apartment is extremely important, especially on hot days. But what to do if we should open the window only in the evening? It is worth buying a fan. It will create a pleasant, cool breeze and make the apartment feel less stuffy. You can choose a large, standing one, which will cool the whole room, or a smaller one, for example one for your desk, which will come in handy if you work from home

Air conditioning

If you find the hot weather particularly tiring, you may decide to install an air conditioner in your home. However, remember not to use it non-stop, which can expose your body to heat shock when you go outside.

Main photo: Egor Kamelev/pexels.com

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