Homemade food – what is worth making yourself?

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Homemade food – what is worth making yourself?
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In the rush of life we often forget about proper nutrition and valuable, homemade food. However, it is worth considering what products we can make ourselves and what we will gain by doing so. Homemade food made by ourselves has one basic advantage – we know what is in it. We give up all the preservatives and enhancers that have a bad influence on our body

First of all, have a plan

You don’t have to stop buying ready-made products or half-finished products in stores right away. Think about what you can give up, what products you care most about to make them tasty, healthy and homemade, and then look for good and proven recipes. Products that are easy to make yourself include: cakes, bread, cold cuts, sauces, jams, juices or pasta


Advantages of home food production


First of all, the products you make with your own hands will be distinguished by their high quality and reliable ingredients. You decide what recipe you will use and what you will use for it. It is also great exercise and fun to improve your cooking skills – after all, practice makes perfect

You can find many interesting recipes and tips online or on YouTube. Of course, for production, the best will be healthy and organic ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals. This will allow you to reduce the amount or completely eliminate unhealthy elements such as dyes and preservatives that make ready-made, store-bought food is maybe nicer, but unfortunately less healthy

In addition, preparing food yourself is great if you or any member of your household suffers from food allergies to ingredients sometimes common in prepared meals. Cooking at home also allows you to choose healthier cooking methods, such as steaming, which eliminates fat and doesn’t strip nutrients from vegetables or meat.


Another reason to tackle food preparation yourself is to generate additional savings. It is very common to find that ready-made products are much more expensive than the ingredients to make them yourself. This is a cost-effective way to do it, especially if you have your own garden or plot of fruit and vegetables

Homemade pesto, tomato puree, passata or seasoning for soup prepared from dried vegetables will allow us to save a few extra zlotys a month, which on an annual basis will create quite a large sum that can be spent on vacations

Always fresh

When you bake your own rolls or bread, not only do you have a much better quality product – its taste and smell are completely different from those bought in a bakery – but homemade bread stays fresh longer. It doesn’t take long to bake it, just like baking rolls

Summer in a jar

Home food without preserves simply does not exist. There’s nothing better than pulling out your own homemade jam, marmalade or juice on a winter morning and a jar of gherkins or mushrooms in vinegar at Christmas dinner with your family. We also guarantee that it will make a better impression on guests and household members than products from the store shelf

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