Organic food – facts and myths

Organic food – facts and myths
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Organic food is very popular today. Unfortunately, along with its promotion many harmful myths are also promoted. So it is worth taking a closer look at the information spreading on this subject and verify their credibility

What is organic food?

Organic food, which we can buy more and more often in many supermarkets, is characterized by very high quality, rich nutritional properties and its specific cultivation carried out in accordance with the system of organic farming. These products are completely safe for our health, have a lot of vitamins and minerals. Their production and cultivation is in no way stimulated by chemical substances. So eco food will certainly taste and look natural.

Advantages and disadvantages of eco food

The undisputed advantage of eco food is that it is not modified, processed or enhanced in any way with chemicals. What is important, it has a very large impact on its taste qualities. In the production of eco products, standards are always followed to ensure cultivation that does not interfere with the environment. One of the main disadvantages of products with an eco label is their price. Many people certainly notice that organic goods are more expensive in markets. Many people may also consider the unattractive appearance of organic food as a disadvantage. However, it is a matter of attitude and awareness that nature is never perfect

Facts and myths

There are many myths floating around about organic food, which we will try to deal with in this article once and for all

  1. MIT – Limited availability of organic food

Organic food used to be really hard to come by – this is a fact. However, as of today, this issue has changed dramatically. We can get eco products not only in special health food stores. Today every market offers us a full catalog of organic products. This is probably a result of the popularity of the idea of living according to ecological trends

  1. FACT – Organic food is very healthy

The issues of greater nutritional properties of organic food as compared to standard food are indisputable. Organic food is produced without enhancers, preservatives, modification and other treatments. Growing this type of food is quite a challenge for farmers. They have to give up the use of fertilizers and substances protecting their crops from pests. However, thanks to this organic products are completely safe for our body – they have nutritional properties that are a source of many valuable nutrients

  1. MIT – The “eco” and “bio” labels inform us that the product is organic

Labels are a source of information about a product. Unfortunately, manufacturers deliberately take advantage of people’s trust in specific labels with which they are familiar. Many products that are labeled “eco” and “bio” are not. To make sure that the product we buy was grown in accordance with the requirements of organic food, you should – first of all, read the entire label and verify the number, which is located under the green leaf, the symbol of healthy food

  1. MIT – Organic food means fruit and vegetables

This is absolutely not true. Organic food is all fruits, vegetables, but also cereals or eggs, milk and meat. These are all products that are produced according to the requirements of organic farming

  1. FACT – Organic food tastes different

This is true. However, the different taste is related to the fact that these products are simply completely natural. This is their unquestionable advantage, so these different taste qualities should in no way deter you from consuming organic food

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