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Summer has arrived, but you don’t have time to get a tan? Or maybe you’re allergic to the sun, but still want to look beautiful and impress with a healthy-looking tan? Here’s how to apply self-tanner for the best results.

A natural-looking tan?

If you want to get the effect of a healthy-looking, long-lasting tan with a natural, olive shade without spots and unsightly streaks, you should bet on proven self-tanning products that are safe for your skin and take proper care of its preparation for the next steps.

How to apply self-tanner?

Thoroughly exfoliate your skin with a scrub (this can be either a mechanical or enzymatic scrub). It’s best to apply self-tanner in the evening before going to bed, so it can work all night long. Some products, like self-tanning mousse, can’t be applied evenly by hand, so it’s best to get a self-tanning mitt or other gadget to help. Apply the product in smooth, circular motions on dry and clean skin, preferably in front of a mirror in a well-lit area. Wear loose clothing in a dark color, preferably black, to bed and enjoy a beautiful tan the next day!

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