Wallpapers with floral motif – which to choose and what to combine with?

Wallpapers with floral motif – which to choose and what to combine with?
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Wallpapers with floral applications are a great way to decorate your apartment and give it a unique atmosphere. The fashion for this has been going on for several years and makes the apartment cozy, and staying in it comfortable. What wallpapers to choose in order to properly arrange the space in the climate of nature?

Wallpapers with a plant motif are an ideal decoration, bringing peace to your surroundings. It is a solution for people who do not have a hand in plants, as well as those who are interested in floristics. Walls decorated with this motif will be perfect in the company of live plants, such as ferns, monstera and zamokulkas. The green color will introduce a warm atmosphere to the room and give freshness. It is scientifically proven that being surrounded by the color green makes us less stressed and more relaxed

Interior styling

Decorating a room in a raw style involves the right choice of accessories and color composition on the wall. It is difficult to get a cozy room, when bright walls around us dominate. Such decor is wisest to break with wallpaper with floral shots, which will add dynamism and create a contrast to the other colors. They will fit well into minimalist arrangements, becoming the focal point of the room and focusing the attention of guests. It all depends on what kind of wallpaper you choose and what idea you have for its decoration. The market offers you executions with single flowers, compositions, views of tropical forests or specific species of plants

When composing floral applications for the room, pay attention to the accessories that will be around. Do not take for granted that such wallpaper will go with everything. Botanical motifs go well with subdued arrangements, in a minimalist style. If our room is filled with various memorabilia, photos, the whole may give the impression of chaos and disorder

Greenery will be ideally combined with dark-colored wood. A truly Balinese atmosphere can also be created by using accessories made of bamboo. Subtle floral patterns will be a good proposal for a room decorated in the spirit of vintage. Modern styling harmoniously complement the large format plants. They work well with glamorous arrangements, presenting a nonchalant and dignified.

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What to decide on?

Fashion for floral applications has caused that more and more willingly we decide to introduce them to our rooms. Arrangement constructed in this way delights with details and harmonizes a modernistic atmosphere with the tranquility that plants bring. Most often chosen are wallpapers with visuals in the form of flowers and exotic vegetation. As for the flowers, the most magnificent are small fragments, woven into a few leaves on a background with light tones. Popular is the choice of wallpaper in such a style, which confusingly resembles a painting painted with watercolors. Tropical atmosphere will introduce the placement of views with exotic trees such as palm trees or monstera.

Floral motifs

When you are not convinced about placing floral applications on the whole wall, you can always choose a wallpaper with flowers only in a small part of it. Smaller floral decorations will be a great choice when it comes to your bedroom. Such a view behind the bed will definitely add romance and allow you to rest comfortably. The color combinations you decide on are important. Bright pink flowers will look best against a background of light brown tones. You can also sneak this idea in when designing your bed decor. Since wood goes best with greenery, consider making this piece of furniture out of a wooden material. When you decide to put live flowers inside, ferns will be the most appropriate choice

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