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Everyone needs a good cream. Thanks to it our skin is properly moisturized and also… protected. All thanks to the SPF filter. Thanks to it you can avoid premature ageing of skin and cancerous changes. But how to choose a cream that will be most appropriate for you?

SPF – what does it actually mean?

Surely you have come across this term before. It appears on creams and is accompanied by numbers. What do they mean? Perhaps you know it too – the higher the value, the better the protection.

The SPF factor is between 2 and 50, and its value depends on how much percentage of UVB radiation it can absorb. For example, a cream with a factor of 30 (considered the most versatile SPF cream) absorbs about 97% of UVB rays. However, this is not an unchangeable constant, but only a laboratory result.

In natural conditions, this value can change, depending on various factors such as the time of day or the place where you are. Dermatologists suggest not to choose creams with a factor lower than 15 (which absorbs about 93% of the radiation). Higher ratios, such as 40 or 50, are best suited if your skin is very delicate. They are also great in winter and in the mountains. It is very important to reapply SPF sunscreen.

Oily, dry or sensitive skin?

Choosing the perfect SPF cream for your skin type can be a challenge. After all, a good sunscreen should not only protect you from the sun, it should also be good for your skin. If you want to avoid blemishes and clogged pores, pay attention to the texture of the cream before making your purchase

If you have dry skin, nourishing creams with a high sun protection factor will be the best choice, whereas people with oily skin recommend light non-comedogenic cosmetics, i.e. those that prevent the formation of blackheads. What for allergy sufferers? For sensitive and allergy-prone skin, spray sunscreens with a natural formulation are recommended.

Makeup? Start with an SPF cream?

Do you want to look perfect no matter what the weather? In the summer, use a proven face cream with SPF before applying foundation, concealer and powder. Even under a layer of cosmetics your skin is exposed to the harmful effects of the sun, so it is important to buy a protective preparation.

But what properties should the ideal makeup SPF cream have?

  1. It is good if it also works as a make-up base.
  2. A light consistency that does not clog pores and does not cause blemishes
  3. High sun protection.
  4. Provides strong hydration.

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