How to prepare low-calorie desserts?

How to prepare low-calorie desserts?
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Many people go on a diet in January to change their eating habits and lose a few pounds with the new year. If you belong to this group, the lack of sugar and sweets must have already made you suffer. Everyone craves something sweet from time to time, and on a diet you don’t have to give up this pleasure. See how you can prepare healthy and low-calorie desserts

Look for sugar substitutes

Sugar is the real bane of anyone trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, it is very fattening and, next to fat, it contributes the most to the accumulation of excess weight

Moreover, it is a trigger point for the development of many diseases, such as type two diabetes or hyperglycemia. In your diet desserts, try to find healthier and less fattening alternatives to this ingredient. Buy them easily at Even a simple cake baked with erythrol or xylitol instead of sugar can reduce its calorie content by as much as 30%. Substitutes such as stevia, maple syrup, agave or date syrup, and even dried fruit or ripe bananas are great ways to make desserts less caloric

Avoid semi-finished products

It’s not just the fat or sugar content that affects the caloric content of a particular product, but also the other ingredients that work to make it absorbable. The more preservatives, additives, enhancers and fillers in an item, the more caloric it is likely to be. For this reason, when on a diet, avoid using semi-finished products and make your desserts from A to Z with fresh and natural ingredients

Seasonal fruits will work much better than canned fruits in a sugary marinade. Whipped cream, although very calorific anyway, will be much healthier if you whip it yourself instead of using ready-made spray. Homemade preserves will also be much better than jams or juices from the store. Despite appearances, preservatives of all kinds can affect the calorie content of the products you use and the desserts you make from them. Buy healthy and low-processed ingredients and snacks at

Quick and healthy fruit sorbet recipe

All you need to make this healthy and low-calorie dessert is your favorite fruit, a freezer and a blender. You can make this recipe in just a few minutes without any special cooking skills, so it’s friendly even to people who can make tea in the kitchen at most

Throw frozen fruit, for example raspberries, mango, blueberries, pineapple or strawberries into the blender along with a frozen banana. If you want your ice cream to be sweeter, choose really ripe ones. Blend everything to a smooth paste on high speed. You need a blender with really high power, because for a sorbet to be successful the fruit has to be very frozen. If you want a creamier ice cream, not just sorbet, you can add natural yoghurt with a bit of cream to the mixture. And for the real sweet lovers, you can spice up your sorbet with agave syrup or erythrol

Healthy eating does not always mean low calorie, the body needs calories, because it is its main fuel. However, an excess of them causes fat accumulation and overweight, so it is worth paying attention to how many calories you take in daily. One dessert can fill more than half of your daily caloric intake, so it’s good to know ways to reduce the number of calories in sweets.

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