Facial yoga – try these exercises!

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Facial yoga – try these exercises!
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The signs of aging that appear on your face, including wrinkles, are nothing to be comfortable about. Instead of reaching for aesthetic medicine treatments, you can opt for all-natural yoga facial exercises.

A cross-section of different facial yoga exercises ensures that you will not only find something that suits you, but that you will also feel the pleasure of doing this practice. At the same time, it is worth remembering that if you start regular face yoga at an early age, you can significantly delay the first signs of aging. The positive properties of this solution are confirmed by many women.

What does face yoga give us?

If we want to clearly nourish the facial skin and get rid of the signs of aging of the skin, it is worth opting for facial yoga. With proper exercises we are able to give our face some glow, as well as improve its firmness and freshness. You will see the first results after only 3 weeks and you only need 10 minutes of practice every day.

How to start face yoga?

The biggest advantage of face yoga is that we do not need to have any additional accessories. We just need to choose the right exercises and we can successfully start fighting wrinkles. Facial yoga is also perfect for prevention, even before the appearance of wrinkles.

Exercises for lion’s wrinkle

We should start by grabbing the skin with the index finger and thumb along with the muscles from the inside of the eyebrow. It is important that we grasp it deeply. Next:

  1. Squeeze the skin quite firmly while counting to 5 or more.
  2. Move your fingers outward halfway up the eyebrow to squeeze the skin with the muscles again. Also now count to at least 5.
  3. Repeat these steps 2 more times, starting by squeezing the skin on the inside of the eyebrow.

Exercise to get rid of crow’s feet

Crow’s feet appear at the outer corners of our eyes. It is advisable to start the process by lubricating the skin around the eyes with an appropriate oil or natural cream. Then:

  1. With the index finger of one hand, press the skin under the eye to the zygomatic bone. This should be done directly under the outer corner of the eye.
  2. With the index finger of the other hand, slowly massage the skin upward.
  3. Repeat with the other eye.

How do I reduce the nasolabial fold?

The nasolabial furrow appears from the edge of the nose to the mouth and in some situations it is visible on the entire face. Again, this can be dealt with through facial yoga:

  1. Apply the index fingers of both hands to the area right next to the wings of the nose, so on the sides of the nose.
  2. Massage this area intensively while making circular motions with your fingers.
  3. After that, use your index finger to press on the area right next to the corner of your mouth and use your other finger to massage your nasolabial fold, doing this from the bottom to the top. This will resemble massaging crow’s feet.
  4. Do the same with the other side of the nose and mouth.

Get rid of laugh lines!

Although laughing is healthy, many women have found that this healthy habit encourages the appearance of characteristic cheek wrinkles. In this case, it is worth performing the following exercise:

  1. Fold your hands into fists.
  2. Place them on your cheeks directly next to the corners of your mouth. The knuckles of your fingers should touch the skin.
  3. Press them firmly together and massage your cheeks 10 to 15 times, moving your fists toward your ears.

We hope every person will find the right exercises for themselves and start practicing facial yoga regularly.

Main photo: cottonbro/pexels.com

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