What to replace retinol with? About the effective action of cosmetics with bacchio

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What to replace retinol with? About the effective action of cosmetics with bacchio
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Every one of us dreams of having as many natural ingredients as possible in the cosmetics she uses. Unfortunately, only a few of us have so far appreciated the unique solution in the form of an alternative to retinol.

Although many lovers of daily skin care have wondered what can be substituted for it, only a small group, so far, decided to test bakuchiol. Learn about its properties and find out in which cosmetics you can find it

How to replace retinol?

Bakuchiol is a completely natural ingredient, which is characterized by an exceptional level of effectiveness. Already some time ago it was hailed by experts as the successor of retinol. Retinol itself is a substance that is becoming a really close friend of women who have entered the magic age – thirty. Thanks to the use of cosmetics with retinol we are able, among other things, to find an effective way to wrinkles, all kinds of discoloration and signs of skin aging. Known for decades retinol is a derivative of vitamin A

It is largely responsible for the cell renewal of the skin, thanks to which it is possible to shallow and smooth wrinkles, even out skin tone and remove unevenness and small scars. Its additional benefits are that it can be used when treating acne or during anti-aging care. In particular, this is due to the fact that in combination with vitamin C, it perfectly improves the density and elasticity of the skin, and allows for rejuvenation by up to several years

Why replace retinol?

Unfortunately, so far it has not been possible to find ideal products. As it turns out, even retinol, despite its excellent properties, will not be the optimal solution for everyone. Retinoids can be photosensitizing, which makes it necessary to protect them from the sun’s rays

In addition, the substance has an ingredient that can contribute to skin irritation. That’s why scientists have been doing their best to find a substance that can become an alternative to retinol. Bacuchiol has miraculous properties, but unlike retinol, it does not carry any side effects. Using a serum with it does not cause itching, redness or flaking of the skin

What is bakuchiol and what are its properties?

Bakuchiol is the botanical equivalent of retinol. It is extracted from the Psoralea corylifolia plant, which has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine as an anti-inflammatory and disease-supporting agent. Although the chemical structure of the two ingredients themselves are not similar, they nevertheless exhibit similar effects. Bacuchiol does not cause irritation or redness, and sensitive skin tolerates it perfectly. It shows properties, which allow to favorably influence, among others, the improvement of firmness and elasticity of our skin. Systematic use of bakuchiol also allows to accelerate the process of regeneration and healing of wounds

The specificity may also have an exfoliating effect, which allows to say goodbye to discoloration. It is also characterized by high antioxidant potential. It is very effective when it comes to inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria that contribute to acne. It prevents the formation of blackheads, so the skin becomes shiny, perfectly tight and smooth. Bakuchiol remains insensitive to sunlight, which makes it possible to use cosmetics containing it also during the day. If for any reason you do not want to use retinol, you do not have to worry about the appearance of wrinkles or discoloration on your face. Bakuchiol is a natural solution, which is really worth introducing into your daily care

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