Jak wykonać masaż szczotką do ciała? Szczotkowanie na sucho
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Dry brushing is a home treatment that you can do in minutes. The effects are comparable to the best spa salons, and you really don’t need much time or experience. See how to perform a dry body brush massage.

Dry body brushing – how to do the treatment at home?

First you need to equip yourself with a special brush designed for dry massage. To begin with, it should not be too rough so as not to irritate your skin during the first treatment. Ideally, it should be made of natural bristles that are evenly trimmed and densely packed. Also, adjust the shape to your preference so that the massage is comfortable for you.

Brush dry before you shower or take a bath. You don’t need to prepare for this. Position the brush at a slight angle and start with your legs. Work your way up to your thighs in one motion. Massage the abdomen in circular motions, gently and slowly. Then work your way up to your shoulders and around your neck in straight strokes. The décolletage and chest area are very sensitive and delicate, so you can let this area go at first. If you want to give it a try, use circular motions around your breasts.

Always point the brush towards the heart, and don’t press it hard against the skin so as not to cause irritation. In particularly sensitive areas, tilt the brush more or don’t press. The entire dry body brushing procedure should take about 5 minutes.

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Why is it important to do body brush massage regularly?

Dry body brushing is designed to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. This means that you affect not only what happens on the surface of the skin, but also in your body. Thus, you improve blood circulation and support the functioning of the lymphatic system. Remind us – it is responsible for the immunity of the body!

You will also notice changes on the skin itself. Dry body massage with a brush makes it smooth, firm and strengthened. The skin begins to tighten and you quickly get rid of dead skin. Dry brushing therefore has an exfoliating effect, exactly like scrubbing in the shower or bath. So you can do it before shaving, for example. This will make your skin smoother.

Dry brushing is also recommended before other skin care treatments. It supports the absorption of moisturizing or tightening lotions. It is also worth mentioning that the massage itself is incredibly pleasant for the body, so it stimulates the senses and can significantly improve your mood.

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