Silikony w kosmetykach - które są groźne dla skóry?
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Not all cosmetic ingredients are completely safe for our health. Some even need to be avoided, but it is also easy to overreact here. Silicones for years have been accused of being dangerous to the skin. In practice, they can harm only in a few cases. When

Why are silicones used in cosmetics?

Silicones are polymers with a large use in the cosmetics industry. They are used in some cosmetics due to the fact that they improve their texture, thicken and add smoothness. They are valued for their low surface tension, light texture and good moisturizing properties. Their use prevents water loss. They are used especially in fluidizers and concealers.

Silicones to avoid

  • cyclotetrasiloxane – irritating to the skin and eyes, can accumulate in the liver, lungs and uterus,
  • cyclopentasiloxane – harmful for reproduction.

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