Does a bio-fireplace give heat?

Does a bio-fireplace give heat?
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Bio-fireplace is an alternative to the classic fireplace, which uses liquid or gel fuel produced on alcohol. It differs primarily in that it does not produce unpleasant smoke and suffocating smell. Products burned in this type of fireplace do not leave behind ash, as is the case with ordinary fireplaces. Does a bio-fireplace really give heat?

A bio-fireplace can certainly be an alternative to the usual home heating. Deciding on this solution, we need to know how many advantages such a choice has. First of all, it is not necessary to connect to the chimney. Very important if you are not at the stage of building a house, and you are thinking about connecting it.

Advantages of a bio fireplace

Assembling the fireplace itself is not difficult and contributes to saving your money. As a result, you don’t have to worry about organizing professionals for installation. Your duties will also decrease in terms of preparing firewood, since the product burned in the fireplace is fuel.

The amount of heat given off by a bio-fireplace is determined in the form of heating power. Heaters placed in our rooms have a power of 1.5 Kw, while a bio-fireplace can generate up to 2 kW! The feeling of temperature itself is conditioned by the size of the room we are in. In a larger room you will have to wait much longer for the temperature to reach the right value.

It has been estimated that the most comfortable heat requirement for occupants is between 55 and 200 W. m2. Undoubtedly, this depends on the quality of insulation of our house. When the dwelling is well insulated, the need to feel the heat is considered much less. 2 kW is certainly enough to heat an apartment of about 25 m2. This proves that a bio-fireplace certainly gives heat!

Heating an apartment with a bio-fireplace

As we have established, heating a room with a bio-fireplace is not a problem. But what about heating the whole house using this method? Here, traditionally fireplaces are much better, which can heat spacious places. A bio-fuel fireplace gives an instant effect, but works well only in smaller rooms. A valuable idea when the heating season has not yet begun, and we are thinking about raising the temperature in the house by a few degrees. Adding the combustible substance must be done with the appliance completely extinguished. This means that the bio-fireplace is not suitable for starting an uninterrupted fire.

An important point is the ability to accumulate high temperatures, even when the device is turned off. Bio-fireplaces unfortunately reach a high temperature in a short time, but they also cool down quickly. Traditional fireplaces would still heat the room for a long time after they are turned off

The ecological aspect of a bio-fireplace

It is built of steel, glass, concrete, stone, and the housing itself is protected with preparations adapted for high temperatures. The fireplace often has a decorative function in a room where we can not afford a traditional solution.This gives thepossibility of moving it to different places in the house, where we need it. The biofuel that our device runs on does not produce any suffocating odors

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The undoubted disadvantage of a bio-fireplace is the amount of energy it consumes during operation. Deciding on this solution, we certainly have to reckon with the higher cost of maintenance. Unlike an electric fireplace, we do not have to mount it permanently to an outlet. However, there are options to build it into the wall and arrange a bio-fireplace in an elegant and cozy way to your interior

A convenient solution, which gives us the installation of a bio-fireplace, is the ability to adjust its flame, the level of temperature with the remote control. It certainly looks impressive and will delight any friends we will have the opportunity to host in the apartment. There are also corner fireplaces, hanging, standing or suspended. Such a palette of choices gives room for manoeuvre during the design of the apartment or arrangement after the completion of the renovation.

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