How to get more space in your closet?

How to get more space in your closet?
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Clutter in the closet doesn’t always mean too many clothes. Sometimes it is the lack of proper organization of clothes, improperly placed shelves, or the use of too many gadgets in it. Here are some tips to help you find more space in your closet

Find out where the problem lies

The first step in finding more space in your closet is to find the problem. Are things actually not fitting on your shelves? Maybe they’re just not organized and you can’t find anything? Are you sure your underwear is in its place and your shoes have shelves that aren’t necessarily in your closet?

First define your problem, then get down to the nitty-gritty. If you have too many clothes, sort them out first, then throw away or donate the ones you no longer need. If your closet is just a mess, you should think about the accessories you need to get it under control

Leave only the things you need

Even if you don’t think you have much, we guarantee you’ll find things you don’t need anymore. Start your tidy up by pulling out all your clothes and going through them thoroughly. Sometimes you don’t realize how many tattered shirts you have in your closet, stained blouses and often worn out pants. Damaged things should be thrown away, there is no need to be sentimental about them. After the initial selection, the process gets a bit harder, because usually clothes evoke memories, which makes it harder for us to part with them. Here it is worth applying a certain scheme of action. Set clear rules yourself.

In your closet you should leave things in which you look good and feel good. Do not leave clothes that are too small or too big and do not expect that your figure will change dramatically. Throw away souvenirs or gifts that you never wore or wore once. You can sell your unworn clothes or donate them to charity, and you can turn your worn-out blouses into cleaning rags. Everything else should be sorted and arranged according to its purpose. Seasonal clothing can be stowed high up; clothes that are meant for that season should be at eye level

Remember that underwear should have a separate shelf. This type of clothing needs to be in an airy place where space and air circulation is provided. For storing shirts, jackets, suits, elegant dresses or costumes, hangers will work great, so that the clothes will not be squashed and damaged. T-shirts, jeans, pants and sportswear can be stored on shelves in your closet

Store clothes seasonally

Some clothes that are not suitable for a particular season can be packed away and simply put away. We’re talking about winter coats, thick jackets and sweaters. They take up a lot of space and most of the time they’re just not used. If you want to store your clothes well, you need to equip yourself with the right accessories. In this case, cardboard boxes, plastic resealable boxes and for thinner, summer clothes, vacuum bags work great

They not only reduce the volume of clothes, but also protect fabrics from dust. So packed closet items you can hide in the closet on the highest shelves, under the bed or hang on hangers. It is estimated that this type of accessories allow to reduce the volume of the closet by about 70%.

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Remember about clever solutions

If your closet consists of drawers, put things in them vertically, not horizontally. When you pull out a shelf, you should be able to see its contents

If you have very shallow drawers, roll up your clothes instead of folding them into cubes. This will save space and allow you to use more clothing items. When your closet has a lot of space for hangers, it’s a good idea to purchase multi-functional hangers that can hold more than one item. However, make sure that your clothes don’t have too little space; fabrics don’t like the lack of air, thus they become stale

If you wear some clothes in sets, hang them on hangers this way. You can easily hang a black jacket and a white shirt or suit on one. This way the clothes will take up less space and you will have your favorite things always at hand. Remember to keep your shirts and jackets ironed and buttoned in your closet to reduce bulk and prevent deformation. Use a variety of containers. More often than not, it’s the little things that make a closet look overcrowded and impossible to find. Have decorative baskets for purses, scarves, scarves and hats

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