Party for a child in the spirit of zero waste

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Party for a child in the spirit of zero waste
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A party without generating masses of waste is possible. Here are some ideas for entertaining with zero waste principles.

When preparing a party for a child, it is easy to be tempted to buy a whole lot of plastic. When we reach back in our memories, all previous gatherings most likely ended with several full bags of trash. It turns out, however, that a party in the spirit of zero waste does not have to be difficult to organize at all, or in any way inferior. Among other things, you can make use of substitutes for some products and get along with other parents to easily create the party of your dreams without overproduction of waste.

Use reusable products

Instead of buying disposable plastic cups, plates and cutlery, try to use traditional tableware. However, if you’re worried that they might be too dangerous for children, you can always go for products made of biodegradable materials, such as cardboard or bamboo. Also, do away with straws and tablecloths made of artificial materials.

Additionally, if possible, decorate the room yourself. Choose bright and colorful elements. Reach for motifs related to your interests – they can be animated movies or sports, for example. When preparing the decor, reach for flowers and ecological materials. You can also ask your child for help and make paper chains together, for example. This will be a guarantee of great fun, and on top of that it will give the opportunity to develop your kid’s manual skills and stimulate creativity.

Appreciate local vendors

Try to buy local products to reduce the carbon footprint you leave behind. You can find most of the things you need at nearby stores, without having to order them online. When shopping, try to avoid disposable packaging. Don’t forget that buying online involves road transportation and the use of a lot of plastic packaging, which often won’t be reusable once torn.

Second-hand gifts

Tell your guests that you don’t mind second-hand gifts. This can include handmade jewelry or toys. Clothes or shoes bought on auction sites are also a good idea. You can often find things there that are brand new, with tags intact. You can subtly let them know that you greatly appreciate things that can be used again and again and are made of biodegradable materials.

Plan the dishes

Before the event, think about what dishes you want to prepare and consider portion sizes. Try to steer clear of artificial drinks and processed dishes. Children are sure to like fruit desserts, and a good idea for dinner can be a dish of interestingly colored steamed vegetables. Sandwiches in unusual shapes will be suitable as snacks.

The power of foodsharing

If you still have some surplus food left intact after the event, you can share it on one of the foodsharing groups. This initiative involves exchanging, sharing and taking back surplus food. If you live in a big city, you’re sure to find a group associated with it. All you have to do is join it and put up a relevant announcement. Let others also enjoy the dishes you have prepared instead of throwing them away.

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