How to introduce zero waste into your home? Simple steps for beginners

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How to introduce zero waste into your home? Simple steps for beginners
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In recent years, the zero waste trend has become extremely popular – and very well! It is better for our planet if no waste is produced, because the amount of waste in the world is overwhelming

Today, plastic fibers can be found everywhere, even in the oceans. This does not bode well. Here are some golden tips for anyone who wants to start their adventure with zero waste

A reusable bag is better than a plastic one

The first step is to buy a reusable bag and use it whenever you go shopping. This is extremely important. If we think that the paper bags currently sold in stores are harmless, we are very wrong. First of all, much more water is used for paper bags than for plastic ones, and its shortage is felt all over the world. Using reusable bags is a good step towards zero waste. It is worth starting with

Buy products by weight without packaging

Always plan your grocery shopping, then you will save a lot of money but also protect the planet. Why? Because if you know what you need, you can prepare for it. In practice this means equipping yourself with plastic containers and a reusable bag. Don’t pack fruits and vegetables in plastic bags. If you buy nuts by weight, you can easily put them in your cloth bag or plastic box. Ask not to have cheese or cold cuts bought by weight packed for you. It’s usually enough to smile nicely to get the job done. Shoppers’ own bags don’t cause much of a problem for the shoppers

Tap water and your own water bottle

In Poland tap water is drinkable, which means that you can drink it at will. A metallic taste or a strange color of water is usually not a problem with the water itself, but with old pipes. Remember to check the color of your water before pouring it into a cup. Rusty pipes are usually to blame for the reddish color of the tap water. The problem usually occurs in old tenement houses

What’s more, always carry a cup for your own water on trips, at university or at work. Filter bottles are readily available if you are still not convinced about tap water. Remember that about 46 billion plastic bottles are currently thrown away each year

Use your cutlery and straw

There are reusable cutlery and straws available in the market. You might also be tempted to carry your own metal spoons and forks when you go out of town or camping. If a restaurant wants to give you disposable cutlery, simply refuse and say that you have your own. This will bring you much closer to living a zero waste life. N

sadly, taking food to go is not very eco-friendly either. Cardboard boxes, Styrofoam packaging and paper plates are not ethical choices. Some restaurants allow you to pick up your order in person, in which case it may be transferred to thermal containers, but this is very rare

Limit your purchases

A consumerist lifestyle is the norm. We buy new jewelry, clothes, cosmetics in plastic packaging, souvenirs and change our phones and computers every now and then. Many of these things are not reused and are simply thrown away. Clothes go out of fashion, phones get dusty lying in the cupboard and cosmetics exceed their expiration date. It is worth looking at your shopping habits and trying to change them. This will benefit not only the planet, but also our savings

Shop wisely for food and cosmetics

Somewhat related to point number 5, we are now talking about grocery shopping. Don’t buy many products with a short expiration date – they usually exceed it in the fridge and then get thrown away. It is advisable to plan your meals and not buy products that tempt with promotions. Usually most of these things will never be eaten and will end up in the trash

When it comes to cosmetics, try not to buy anything on the spur of the moment. No multi-packs or 4-for-3 promotions, because these things usually get boring and get thrown away. Try to choose natural products that come in glass bottles. This is much better for our planet.

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