Old wood paneling – what to do with it? What should I paint it with?

Old wood paneling – what to do with it? What should I paint it with?
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In many homes and apartments, we can still find wainscoting on the wall. In its classic form, however, it no longer adorns the interiors. There are several solutions that will make the old paneling once again delightful!

Wooden paneling gives the impression of being sad and monotonous, unfortunately it still decorates the interiors of many apartments. Some people decide to remove it. However, this is a time-consuming and laborious procedure, and often also expensive, since the condition of the wall on which it is mounted may leave much to be desired. So it is worth knowing a few ways to restore a damaged and boring paneling to its former glory

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Painting wood panelling – what should you know?

  1. Painting with paint

If we decide to paint our paneling, the choice of paint is definitely the most important. Thanks to a perfectly covering and good quality paint, our paneling will gain a fresh and original look. The choice of paint should focus primarily on a great quality enamel, preferably acrylic. Itwould be good if its primary purpose is to finish wooden or metal surfaces

Enamel is a paint that is diluted in water and has no smell, so its use will not be harmful to our health. Quality is an important consideration when choosing it. Agood enamel that has been produced by a manufacturer who focuses on good coverage and fast drying of the product will ensure that we get the desired effect. What is important, before we start painting, we should properly prepare the surface that we want to paint. This will increase the chances of perfect color coverage of the paneling even after the first painting

Also pay attention to whether our paneling has been varnished or painted before. We need to remove both the varnish and the paint from the top layer of the paneling. If you skip this step, the effect may leave much to be desired

  1. Alternative solutions

Our old paneling can be refinished with almost any product available on the market designed to cover wood. Depending on what effect we want to achieve, we can decide to use varnish, oil or even wax. A coating that will highlight the color and structure of the wood from which our paneling is made, will certainly make it look fresh. Importantly, such a solution can also provide some great protection against future damage to the paneling

  1. Sanding

The freshness of our wood paneling can be given a sanding. With the use of chalk paint, we won’t have to spend too much time and work on this. The cost of the product is high, but by using it we will be able to get the desired effect such as shading or rubbing . A characteristic feature of chalk paint is that it dries extremely fast. This makes the work becomes efficient and does not take up too much of our time, which after all, we will gladly use in other ways. Chalk paint is an express solution. Thanks to it, we skip several stages of preparing the entire surface of the paneling to perform work on it

  1. Color

When deciding on a particular color to paint our paneling, there are a few important details to consider. The color white will make the wainscoting look aesthetically pleasing and at the same time elegant. Unfortunately, many people who have implemented such an idea would not do it again today. Special attention should be paid to where our wainscoting is located, that is, what is the specific purpose of the room. Often wainscoting painted white in a hallway gets dirty and looks a bit messy. It is therefore worth choosing a color that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical

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