Sposoby na pozbycie się komarów
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Even the most successful garden party can become a disaster because of the plague of mosquitoes that appears in the evening. How to deal with them and get rid of them during the summer garden parties?

Ways to get rid of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes as one of the most hated insects in the summer evenings and nights effectively make our lives miserable, biting painfully. Already when planning the garden you should think about planting plants that repel mosquitoes, such as mosquitoes, lavender, catnip, fennel, geranium, basil or garlic. If the party is held in a gazebo, it is worth shielding it with a mosquito net, which will stop insects from getting inside. As a temporary measure it is worth lighting scented candles such as those smelling of lemongrass. In stores you can also get special candles to repel mosquitoes. If you know that you will be moving around, it is worth spraying yourself with an anti-mosquito preparation or lubricate yourself with lavender oil, or vanilla. On the market there are also special torches and spirals, which burning, emit an unpleasant smell for them

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