When to peel tomato leaves?

When to peel tomato leaves?
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Do you grow tomatoes in your garden? Taking care of them requires a bit of skill, and one of the regular tasks is to peel the leaves. This is to prevent diseases. See when to remove the leaves and how to do it properly.

Which tomato leaves need to be peeled?

Removing tomato leaves allows more light to enter the vegetables. This, in turn, ripens the tomatoes more quickly, so you can enjoy tasty tomatoes in your home while preparing many dishes. This treatment is not a chore, but it is worth it. Removing tomato leaves also reduces the risk of diseases, especially those that are fungal in origin.

However, you cannot allow yourself to remove too many tomato leaves. It pays to know which ones to choose. Remember that any wounds and damage to the plant can affect the faster entry of microorganisms that will attack the bush.

Which tomato leaves should I remove? Peel off the ones that are below the tomatoes that have set – not all of them, leave the ones that are close to the fruit of the b ush. It is also not advisable to remove all the leaves at once. It is best to do this in groups of one to three. One leaf is also useful in the area above the tom atoes where it can minimize sunlight. It’s also a good idea to remove tomato leaves that touch the ground.

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When do you have to remove tomato leaves?

Of course, when removing tomato leaves, you also need to get rid of any that are yellow, ragged or have other discoloration. Do this on a bright and sunny day. It’ s better to skip leaf treatments when it rains or right after watering. Leaves should be dry.

Less waste, or how to use tomato leaves?

After removing tomato leaves, you can use them to make compost or manure.

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