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Concern for our environment and the well-being of the planet is increasingly on our minds. At first, however, we don’t quite know what to do to make a real impact and start making a difference. In fact, it is enough to take small steps which will help us to do so. Here are some tips for beginners on how to be less waste.

Less waste for beginners

When you go shopping, give up plastic bags. Bringa canvas or mesh bag from home for an extra touch of chic. You can also choose a wicker basket. Buy or make your own reusable bags for fruits and vegetables, don’t pack everything in plastic bags! When buying something to drink, opt for juices and water sold in glass bottles. There are reusable alternatives to plastic straws made of glass or metal. After using them, simply wash and reuse them. Drinking a lot of bottled water? Opt for a filter jug or a bottle with a replaceable filter, thanks to which you will be able to drink tap water and in the summer you will produce a dozen or so less plastic bottles per month. Do you sometimes eat out or take food to work or school and use disposable cutlery? Buy a special set of travel cutlery, made of better quality plastic or other material, which you can use again and again

These few simple changes will help you become more eco-friendly and live in the spirit of less waste.

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