Od czego zacząć odgracanie domu?
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Spring is upon us, but it’s never too late to tidy up your home. Minimalism has shown us how important it is to reduce the amount of stuff. Not only will cleaning become much easier, but you’ll also feel lighter with less junk and unnecessary appliances. Check out how to declutter your home quickly!

Remove all items from shelves and drawers

Shelves and drawers can be full of surprising “treasures”. It will be much easier for you if you take them all out at first to clean out the drawers. This is also a good time to wash them

Group things up

When tidying up, it’s important to group things so that you know whether an item can be thrown away or still be used. Check if the items you found are usable or maybe they will be suitable for gifting to someone poorer. Leave only what you need. Try to put sentiment aside and get rid of mismatched candlesticks, disheveled dishes or unfashionable, fake jewelry.

Find a place for storage

Other small items such as cables, plugs, power adapters and screwdrivers should be grouped together and a box found for them. That way you can keep the chaos under control and make sure your cables don’t end up tangled up in the same drawer where other stuff ends up. Before putting cables in the boxes make sure to roll them up and secure them with a rubber band

When arranging your jewelry, try not to mix chain pendants together because they can get tangled up when you pull them out. Opt for a special rack or casket where each chain will have its own place

Go through your documents and boxes of white and brown goods

Many homes have special lockers for boxes of white and brown goods. Unfortunately, they take up a lot of space and in many cases are not needed. A box after purchased electronics or household appliances is necessary in case we want to return them for warranty. Unfortunately, many people are inclined to “hoard” boxes after appliances whose warranty period has long expired. It is worth organizing documents and receipts and check if all boxes are really needed. There are special containers for waste paper next to garbage cans

Put unwanted items and clothes up for auction

At home, you are sure to store clothes, books or CDs that you don’t use. It’s a good idea to go through them to find more space in your apartment and to better organize those things that remain. There are apps for selling unused and second-hand clothes, such as Vinted or OLX, where you can put up a free ad with a price of your choice within minutes. They will help you find a buyer much faster and get rid of unnecessary items from your home

When looking for buyers, browse Facebook groups and other social networking sites. You can negotiate prices there and make an appointment to see your collection. Remember to make sure your clothes or electronics look nice before you sell them, and be sure to find boxes or hangers to make transporting them easier. You can also get rid of your “junk” at a garage sale.

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