Eco-friendly bedroom decorations – suggestions

Eco-friendly bedroom decorations – suggestions
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Issues related to caring for the environment, ecology and sustainable development are increasingly appearing not only in niche media, but also in mainstream media. It is no wonder that ecology has also found its way into living rooms and made itself at home in interior design. More and more often we pay attention to the materials that the products and accessories we buy are made of. How to decorate a bedroom to do it in harmony with nature? 

Ecological additions are permanently inscribed in boho, Scandinavian, hygge and also ecological style. If we decide on them, exactly in this way we manifest our concern for the environment, so important nowadays. Often it is also a manifestation of our lifestyle, in which we strive for harmony, as well as enjoy the benefits of nature without destroying it. We take the best of it by the handful, without causing harm. What elements and ecological decorations are worth paying attention to when arranging a bedroom? 

Linen bedding

Even at the stage of choosing bedclothes we can bet on effective and ecological options. One of them is linen, which looks great and is made of durable and natural material, which allows your skin to breathe. In addition it is anti-allergic and antibacterial.

Wicker accessories

Wicker shelves, baskets and even furniture such as armchairs or chests of drawers can be an effective bedroom decoration. There are many ways to decorate with wicker and each time it will look great. Wicker is also a natural material, light and durable at the same time, which with proper care will stay with us for years. 


Since last season a hit are various types of braids and macramé, which we also have a chance to make ourselves. We can put them on the wall above the bed or over the dressing table. An interesting idea are also woven pot holders and hanging flowerbeds. If you are not able to make them yourself, it is worth choosing those produced by local artists in harmony with nature.

Blankets and plaids

In the bedroom we spend evenings and nights. Sometimes in colder moments especially here may come in handy various types of blankets and plaids. During the day, however, they may serve as an original decoration thrown over bedclothes in the form of a bedspread. It’s important that they’re made from natural materials, such as wool. If you can, you can make them yourself, and if not, who knows, maybe you’ll find a new hobby in the process? 


Some of the most eco-friendly yet decorative items that can be placed in your bedroom are live potted flowers. What’s more, some species of green plants can positively affect our mood and sleep, for example, by producing oxygen and neutralizing carbon dioxide. These plants include, but are not limited to, fiddleheads, sansewerries, herbaceous plants, common ivy, aloe vera, and tree bindweed. In combination with effective ceramic covers or simple clay pots they will create a really beautiful decoration. 

Dried grasses 

This effective decoration will add style to any bedroom, especially the one decorated in ecological style. To create an interesting composition, all you need is a simple vase or decorative bottle and grasses, reeds or other kinds of dried plants collected during a walk in the woods or meadows. Dried pampas grasses of a delicate form of a fluffy plume also look beautiful in this type of arrangement. 

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