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There are clothes that should be in every woman’s closet. These include a little black, an elegant jacket, comfortable jeans and basic clothing. Let’s focus on the last item. How to complete a basic closet?

First of all comfort and simplicity

Basic clothes are characterized by simplicity and comfort. You can easily combine them with many clothes. They are like a base to which elegant and sporty clothes will go. The most popular are t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, short shorts, comfortable blouses and smooth dresses.

Smooth dresses with a sporty look

What is the perfect dress for any season? First of all, comfortable. Basic dresses have a simple cut, often oversized. They do not hug the body and do not restrict movement. They are smooth, usually made of cotton. They allow the skin to breathe and offer many styling options. You can wear them with sneakers, but they will also look great with delicate stilettos.

Immortal T-shirts

Basic short-sleeved t-shirts come in many colors. They are characterized by simplicity. Usually they do not have any print, and even if they do, it is a delicate element such as a company logo. They come in 3 versions – with a classic straight collar, open back and V-collar.

They can be freely combined with long and short skirts. With comfortable jeans, and even with an elegant set – jacket and pants. Their simple cut makes them perfect for the gym and business meetings. This item should find its place in every closet.

Long sleeve T-shirts

Comfortable, smooth and simple – these are the basic long sleeve T-shirts. Made of breathable, soft fabric they wrap the body. They are pleasant to the skin and allow it to breathe. They tend to come in fitted cuts. Completing a styling with a basic T-shirt is not a big problem. They look good with jeans and tailored pants.

Soft, comfortable blouses

Everybody loves basic sweatshirts, no matter what age or gender. They are comfortable and soft, made of thicker material. You can find versions with and without hoods in stores. They are usually worn with casual outfits and during sport activities. In the last season, very fashionable are oversized sweatshirts, which can be worn with e.g. cycling leggings.

Short trousers for everything

Short pants in basic version? Absolutely, and not only for the gym or running. You can also wear them every day. They are available in several lengths. You can match them with a long jeans jacket and sneakers. They are very comfortable and airy.

How about long pants?

Basic long pants are nothing else than fitted tracksuits. Recently, the most popular are those with higher waist. They can be combined with sports shoes, but also with high heels.

Basic clothing is not only casual clothes for the gym. You can find them very often on the streets of big cities. There are so many cuts to choose from that everyone is sure to find something for themselves.

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