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Despite the fact that most investors buying a house or an apartment decide to receive a ready-made property in a developer state, still many people do not fully know what this term means. Therefore, it is worth learning the details in order to avoid misunderstandings. So what elements are included in a development state apartment and what are not?

Development state – what will the investor find in the apartment?

Although the term “developer state” is used very often, still its meaning is understood in different ways. It is generally accepted that a house or apartment in such a state must still be finished before it can be inhabited. But what exactly does it mean?

First of all, the exact description of the property to be transferred to the buyer is always contained in the preliminary contract, so if you have any doubts, take a look at this document. However it is usually assumed that developer state refers to an apartment in which:

  • walls and floors have been prepared,
  • windows and external doors have been installed,
  • all connections have been made,
  • insulation has been completed.

In case of a house, it additionally refers to:

  • insulation of the roof,
  • installation of a gutter system,
  • construction of stairs,
  • providing access road.

Developer state means the moment, in which finishing works can begin. You can read more about it here: However it is worth to realize, that the term “developer state” is not regulated by law, so always rely on the arrangements made with the contractor and written in the agreement

Developed or turnkey – what to choose?

In Poland, almost 90% of buyers decide to buy properties in a developer state. What is the reason for such high popularity? First of all, the price is important, as an unfinished apartment may be even several dozen thousand zlotys cheaper

However, it is worth remembering that the costs of bringing the apartment or house to a turnkey condition will have to be borne anyway, so it is necessary to recalculate what is more profitable. What are the other advantages of buying a property in developer condition? These are:

  • the ability to finish it as you wish,
  • possibility of doing the finishing works at your own pace,
  • possibility of employing any team of professionals,
  • confidence in the quality of materials and equipment used,
  • possibility of spreading in time the costs of finishing work.

These aspects may be very important for some investors, so it is worth to be aware of them

Insurance of an apartment or house in a developer state

What should you pay attention to when insuring a property in a development state? First of all, in this case you should choose a policy concerning a house under construction, i.e. one that concerns:

  • reconstruction,
  • extension,
  • superstructure,
  • general renovation,
  • comprehensive finishing works.

Finishing an apartment or a house concerns the last mentioned point, so such insurance will be optimal in this case. If you want to know how much you will pay for such a policy, go to the website: and use the easy-to-use insurance calculator.

You can also extend the policy to such risks as theft, robbery, flooding or flood.

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