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A large living room is a place for relaxation and meetings of all members of the household, so it is important to make sure that it looks good and is functional. Take the time to carefully choose furniture that will last for years. With our tips, you can get inspired and redecorate your living room.

Choose the right lounge furniture

When designing your living room, choose a specific design concept that will be consistent with the style used in the other rooms. If you want the living room to look luxurious, bet on minimalism, monochromatic colors and exposure of free space. Currently very fashionable are sofas and living room corner sofas with horizontal shapes. A spacious corner sofa will create a comfortable space for meetings with loved ones and in addition will not require unfolding to lie down on it. It is worth choosing high quality materials of natural origin, thanks to which the furniture will be timeless.


Luxury interiors are often characterized by minimalism. Most ornaments and everyday objects are buried from the sight of guests and do not distract from the beautiful furniture. To make your living room look elegant, it is worth ensuring that all things have their assigned place. To organise them, the following items will be useful chests of drawers in neutral colors, on which you can place a mirror or a plant. When choosing a chest of drawers, it is worth to match the front with the color scheme of the walls and the rest of the furniture, and also pay attention to the depth of the drawers. You can buy bins for them or various types of fabric organizers, so that once and for all you end up with cluttered and cluttered drawers.


Mirrors have a decorative function, but they are also necessary for beauty treatments. They will allow you to optically enlarge the space, and – thanks to good placement – help provide light to a poorly lit area of the room, so you can grow more plants. Especially fashionable are vintage-style mirrors, such as in a deep, oval frame from the 1970s. Many people also choose gold-colored frames or mirrors with distinctive shapes, from which you can create an interesting composition on the wall.


The choice of lighting in the living room is very important. Especially if you plan to create a working space or a cozy reading corner. It is worth to match lamps to the style of furniture and pay attention to the type of light, so that it is not too glaring. In a large living room, round lamps that have a simple and timeless design will work well. You can also take inspiration from the Scandinavian style of interior design, which promotes many smaller light sources placed throughout the room. Small table lamps, candles and discreet wall lamps will gradually build up the mood in your living room.

Opt for vintage furniture

Thanks to shopping in vintage stores, you can find charming furniture at a good price. Unique items will make your living room unique and impress your friends. Second-hand shopping is better for the environment and unleashes more creativity. You can renovate on your own, for example aesthetic armchairs from the 60s and 70s or an elegant ottoman bought at a flea market. It is enough to change the upholstery fabric to give furniture a second life. Wide selection of upholstery fabrics, accessories and equipment can be found here:

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