Functionality – the most important element in furniture selection

Functionality – the most important element in furniture selection
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Furniture designs are becoming even more innovative. Designers are focusing not only on looks, but also on functionality, which is what more and more people are striving for, so we point out what kind of built-ins can be compact yet stylish.

Sofas, beds

Pull-out sofas have been a staple in living rooms since the 1980s, when futons first appeared. These simple designs are perfect for small spaces. Bachelor pads typically utilize these hybrids of sofas and beds. Futons, recliners and sofa beds all have the benefit of looking like a sofa during the day and can easily be converted into a bed if needed.

The most recognizable futon design includes a basic metal frame with a cheap thin mattress pad. However, there are more stylish options that are less expensive than the other two choices. Wooden framed futons have a more polished look and accommodate more solid mattresses. Your multifunctional sofas don’t have to be limited from the convertible ones. Modular sofas are a great option for those who want flexible seating. Unlike a typical sectional, you can move additional sections around as needed in different seating arrangements.

There are also wall units that consist of different modules. These are not just a combination of dressers, cabinets and shelves. Some of them may even have a bed that can be folded at any time so that it does not take up valuable space. Moreover, they can be incorporated into multiple rooms, such as a living room or bedroom.

Tables, tables and flat surfaces

There is no denying that a table will take up a lot of space in your home. However, you don’t have to sacrifice any square footage for a simple table design. A popular way to hide a table when not in use is to create a table that folds out from the wall. You can buy these designs as is, or create a simple DIY design using hinges

When not in use, the piece of furniture can be folded to “lay” flat on the wall and act as a piece of art, for example. This is ideal for those who have very limited space, but also want the option of having a larger table. The frame folds out into two legs and the table provides a second support. The underside of the table can be completely customized to suit your desired design.

For a flat surface that can serve as a side table, look at your current furniture. The armrest of your couch is the perfect place to put remotes, drinks and plates. If it’s rounded or heavily padded, you may want to invest in a wrap-around shelf or table. These designs provide extra stability to a flat surface, but don’t take up extra space. Some models are simply a wooden piece that fits over the armrest. Others have pockets and racks for remotes, magazines and tablets. If you have extremely limited space, you can even use this to eliminate your coffee table.

Some furniture sets include multiple rooms in one place! This rivals the compact room in terms of the most innovative multi-functional furniture for small spaces. Such a set may include a couch, desk, coffee table, and taffy in one. It looks like a simple L-shaped modular couch design and a raised platform with a workspace

However, the platform is dedicated to accommodating a coffee table and four footstools that also open to provide storage space. The coffee table can be expanded into a dining table. You can completely unfold the couch to the size of a full bed. A furniture set like this takes advantage of all the possibilities and space


Finding storage will always be a challenge in small spaces. The best way to find extra storage in your home is to put it in pieces you already own or will need.

Good quality drawers and drawer slides are the way out, which will give you a huge amount of space in your cabinets while making it convenient and comfortable to use. The solution will be useful especially in your kitchen.

You may need a bookshelf to accommodate your collection, but you prefer to have more seating. You don’t have to choose between the two. There are plenty of different seating options that have open shelves around the frame. This is perfect for those who want to display their literature or want easy access to it. If you need more hidden storage, there are many chairs that have hidden space under the seat itself

A pantograph, which is a rod with a handle that can be lowered into position, will work well in tall closets. Its installation is simple, and it is compactness allows you to mount up to two such devices, so you can accommodate even more clothes.

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