How to choose a mixer for the kitchen?

How to choose a mixer for the kitchen?
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A mixer is a very diverse accessory. You can choose it depending on the style in which the interior is arranged. But what should you consider when choosing?

Single or double sink?

In most kitchens, it’s easy to do without a large sink. Those with more than two bowls take up a lot of space, and in most cases it’s the dishwasher that cleans the dishes anyway. Single bowl sinks are becoming more and more popular. Those with two bowls are a better option for homes where more people live.

How to choose a faucet for the sink?

Currently, we have a wide selection of both sinks and faucets. We are also free to choose how to install them. There are sinks mounted flush with the countertop, under it or on it. Sinks integrated with the material from which the kitchen is built are becoming more and more popular.

When it comes to mixers, we can choose the simplest and most convenient one-lever mixer tap that is installed in the sink hole. On the other hand, you can also opt for a wall-mounted model with two handles, which serves more of a decorative than practical function.

The sink and the faucet should be matched by contrasting colors or by choosing similar colors. It is also important how they will fit in with the kitchen furniture. A white ceramic sink placed on a black cabinet with a granite countertop may look interesting. Such a solution attracts the eyes.

Wall-mounted and floor-standing mixers

Wall-mounted mixers are installed on the countertop or in the sink hole. This is the most popular version of faucets in the kitchen today. Hot and cold water is connected to the faucet under the sink. Such installation is easy, hence the popularity of this solution. On the other hand, wall-mounted faucets are screwed to hot and cold water connections coming from the wall.

Single lever and twin handle mixers

Single lever mixers are those where the water temperature and type of flow can be selected using a single lever. The water is set by a control located inside the faucet. Two-lever mixers have two knobs that are used to mix the water. The intensity of the water stream is regulated by each of them. Single lever faucets work better in the kitchen because they can be operated with one hand, which makes them more functional than the two lever ones.

Faucet with heater

This is an interesting solution for the kitchen. Such a faucet allows you to reach the temperature of boiling water. This reduces the cost of water and energy consumption. The 2-in-1 faucets have a water heater to be installed under the sink and hot and cold water mixers on one side and a hot water valve on the other.

Touchless faucets

They work when they detect an object nearby. So they do not require direct handling with water. What is important is that they automatically dispense water of the right strength and temperature. This solution is ideal for people who care about economical ways, because water will never pour without need. However, this is not a good solution if you often use the faucet in the kitchen.

What material?

Modern kitchen faucets are usually available in three coatings. Granite is the most resistant to scratches, while chrome, thanks to its high gloss, gives an interesting visual effect. Ceramic faucets are the most durable, but also the most expensive

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