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Recently, social media circulated a visualization of what perhaps the office worker of the future will look like. Scruffy, tired, hunched over – you certainly don’t want to present yourself that way. So if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, working behind a desk or steering wheel, it’s a good idea to move around a bit.

Although sedentary work sounds good, and seems much safer than physical work, the reality is somewhat different. A sedentary lifestyle leads to a lot of degeneration and curvature of the spine, especially in the cervical and lumbar regions. So it’s worth taking a break from work for a few minutes of exercise, which will not only make you feel better, but also avoid joint and back pain.

Exercising at the office and at home

Most simple exercises can be done both at home and in the office. A few minutes of exercise will significantly reduce the strain on your musculoskeletal system and also make you feel better. Here are some simple exercises that you can do at work:

  • chair bends – sitting upright on a chair, straighten your arms upwards and then do a few bends to your feet,
  • neck exercises – twist your head slowly to the right and left, then bring your ear to either shoulder,
  • Stretch your arms up, then down,
  • shoulder and shoulder blade rotations,
  • if you have a moment, you can do sit-ups,
  • stand behind a chair (it is important that it is stable, without wheels) and do tricks to the back on the bend.

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