Aktywność fizyczna łagodzi stres związany z pandemią
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The salutary effect of physical activity on mental health has not been known for a long time. Especially in times of pandemics, it’s important to take care of your physical and mental health, which is helped by playing sports.

The stress of everyday life in a pandemic

When the first lockdown was declared in Poland in spring 2020, the mental health of Poles suffered. Many of us, during the lockdown at home, with no way to escape the monotony, began to play sports at home. Running outdoors or home workout became a ritual, keeping us sane despite the lack of access to sports facilities. Physical activity allows us in pandemic to break away from monotony and forget for a moment about worries, such as fear for the health of ourselves and loved ones.

Physical activity and the closure of sports facilities

After the closure of sports facilities in the second wave of Coronavirus, there was a significant decrease in the level of physical activity among Poles. This shows that our form is largely dependent on the availability of gyms, swimming pools or sports halls. Going out to train was for many a substitute for normality in these crazy times

Sports centers remain closed, but this does not reduce the demand for physical activity among Poles. The positive impact of sport on our physical and mental health is confirmed by research, so it is not worth giving up training by closing gyms.

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