What garden work to do in the fall?

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What garden work to do in the fall?
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If you want your garden to look beautiful, then fall chores are a must. Even though it takes a long time, it is worth doing it before winter to tidy up the space a bit and to protect your plants from the cold. Find out which specific garden chores you should do in the autumn.

Take care of your lawn

Start by tidying up your lawn, more specifically by cutting the grass. Remember to mow less often and higher in the autumn than in the previous months and to do the last mowing at the end of October or the beginning of November (the optimum height for the last mowing is around 4 cm – lower grass will simply freeze). When tidying up your garden before winter you also need to thoroughly clean the lawn of fallen leaves, twigs and layers of dead plant parts and moss. You can either use a traditional rake or a leaf blower which will make this task much easier.

Tidying up flowerbeds

When tidying up your garden in autumn, you should also keep your flowerbeds in mind. Remove all remains of annual plants and all weeds from those with annuals. Then you’ll need to fertilize with compost or manure – but if you don’t have either of these, you can give your bed a boost with fertilizers such as a compound fertilizer or by choosing potassium, phosphorus and magnesium fertilizers. The flowerbeds should also be thoroughly mulched before winter, leaving the soil in what is known as a ‘rough’ furrow.

When it comes to beds with perennial plants, cut back and remove dead above-ground parts of the perennials. Also get rid of any plant parts with signs of disease. All fallen leaves should be raked thoroughly from the bed. In addition, before the first frosts, be sure to water the beds generously.

If seasonal plants grown in pots, boxes or bowls have flowered, they should be removed from their containers and the soil scattered over the beds. Wash the containers thoroughly, dry them and move them to a room where they will be stored for the winter.

Pruning trees and shrubs

Some trees and shrubs may also need to be pruned during the autumn months. However, make sure that you do this in early autumn when the leaves are still on the trees and shrubs so that you do not cut healthy branches. To cut twigs properly you will need pruning shears and for thicker branches you may need a garden saw. It is best to shred cut shoots and branches using a branch shredder and then store them on the compost heap.

If you are bothered by insects while gardening, be sure to use an eco-friendly insect remover which can be found at https://vaco-retail.pl/.

Protecting plants against winter frost

When gardening in autumn you should also make sure that your plants are properly protected against frost. How do you do this? First of all, you should cover the plants with a special fleece. But remember not to do it too early – they should first get used to lower temperatures. It is best to cover the plants only at the first frost.

Other autumn garden chores

You should also take care of other things during your fall cleanup, such as your pond if you have one. Move any water plants that don’t overwinter outdoors to a suitable room and spread a net over the surface of the water to keep leaves from falling into the water so they can be easily collected later. Also remember to do things like twine around spreading shrubs, tucking away garden furniture, and waterproofing decking boards.

Main photo: Pixabay/pexels.com

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