5 steps to effective hallway storage

5 steps to effective hallway storage
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The hallway is a representative place of each house. It is where we greet guests, fix our make-up or choose the last accessories. How to make storing things in it functional? Read on to find out.

The hallway is not always a spacious place. Despite this, we need to create an arrangement that will effectively accommodate the necessary things and at the same time intrigue guests. With help come modern solutions that will organize the space in the hallway and transform your interior.

Intelligent storage

The place for outerwear is always on hangers in the anteroom. This is where we make the final choice of which coat will be best before going out. Ideally, it should be placed far enough from the door so that you can hang your clothes comfortably after coming from the court. Usually we don’t pay attention to such details, but without them we would notice that we function less well. And things, which were usually at hand, now lie in a corner of the apartment

The hanger in question can be combined with a separate space for shoes at the base of the furniture. You can opt for a built-in with sliding doors, but a doorless version will also be interesting and helpful. Additionally, if you have a small room, you can brighten it up by installing a front door with glazing that will let sunlight in. This will optically enlarge the space. You can also add a bright accent in the form of a walkway to introduce a touch of elegance

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Minimalism in furnishing

In addition to hangers, a closet and a shoe rack, you’ll definitely need a seat where you can comfortably put on your shoes to go out. With a little creativity, even in small spaces, designers can isolate a place for it. A comfortable seat made of high quality materials will be a practical piece of furniture and a beautiful decoration of your hallway. You’ll find models that can also serve as storage for your belongings. If you have a larger hallway, go wild with a larger armchair that you can decorate with cushions of different sizes

A mirror is an extremely important element of every hallway. It determines the final perception of the space, has the power to create optical tricks and brightens up the room. Choose the one made of high quality materials to serve you for years. It is here that you will correct your make-up before going out, select accessories or take souvenir photos. It will look great in a luxurious, industrial or minimalist interior. If you want to surprise your guests, choose decorative steel frames or install LED strip, whose light will introduce a unique atmosphere.

An unusual solution in interior design is placing a magnetic board. This is where you can write down information to share with your family, a kind word for your guests, or a shopping list! It is a great idea to create a kind of guest book, which will be an unforgettable souvenir! It’s a great idea to make a guest book that will be a memorable souvenir for your kids, and you can wipe it down without worrying about them drawing on your furniture

Chest of drawers

A piece of furniture, without which it would be difficult to be well-organized, is a chest of drawers – an indispensable element of every home, accommodating the most necessary materials. A good choice will be a model with vertical dividers in the middle, which will systematize the space. A place to store keys, a separate shelf for scarves or hats, everything will find a suitable space and will help you keep things in order

You can complete the whole project by introducing plant elements. A tuja, a fern, or a zamiokulkas will effectively introduce a breath of fresh air to the hall, and at the same time enliven it. Especially since some ferns need lower temperatures to grow, so the hallway can be a perfect place for them!

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