How to organize closet space?

How to organize closet space?
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In a well-ordered space nothing will ever get lost, so it is worth taking care of the order also among your clothes and accessories. See how to effectively organize the space in your closet!

Proper organization of a closet has many advantages. Firstly, it allows for quick and easy finding of clothes and accessories. Secondly, it makes everyday styling decisions easier. And thirdly – it introduces a sense of order and harmony in the bedroom or closet. A well-thought-out clothes storage system will certainly make your life easier, so start today to be inspired by expert tips and advice that will effectively organize your closet.

Separate types of clothes and accessories

Separating the types of clothes and accessories is a basic activity, which should be done by everyone, who cares about maintaining order in the closet. It is worth to make sure that the clothes for outings, sports and those intended only for wearing at home have separate places. Thanks to this, finding the needed item of clothing will be much easier. Besides, this simple trick makes it easy to assess what is missing in the closet and what you should buy next. Organizing closet space is not all that difficult!

Pay attention to the hangers

Both the closet and the clothes look much more aesthetically pleasing if all the hangers are the same size (and preferably the same color). This is one trick to a visually organized closet. Also, remember to only hang one item on one hanger. This will give you better access to all of your clothes, and also ensure that you don’t forget you own a particular shirt or dress. Unfortunately, by hanging several clothes on one hanger at a time, it’s easy to forget about hidden items. Of course, not every item of clothing needs to be stored on a hanger – sweaters or T-shirts should be kept on horizontal shelves

Stock up on boxes

Functional boxes in different sizes are a great way to keep your closet neat and tidy. Make sure they’re the same color to avoid visual chaos. And you don’t have to buy them at the store – shoeboxes or boxes of household goods covered in coloured paper will work just as well. Boxes can be used to store a lot of things – for example shoes, handbags, accessories, bedding or seasonal clothes. It’s a good idea to label them appropriately. It’s also a good idea to make sure they’re sized to match the shelves in your closet.

Don’t forget about doors and sides

Hooks or smaller shelves on the sides of your closet walls or on the door in the middle will give you some valuable storage space for your favorite accessories. Hooks will hold your handbags, while smaller shelves will help organize belts and even small items like jewelry. You can store scarves, scarves, gloves, hats or ties this way. It’s a simple solution that will make your life a lot easier.

And what about old clothes?

It’s impossible to have a tidy closet, without a regular overhaul combined with a general cleaning. Every now and then, it’s worth taking out all the clothes, looking through them and deciding if you really need them. What if you find blouses and dresses in your closet that you know you won’t wear anymore? Don’t throw them away! Instead, think about whether you can givethem a smart make over

You can turn old jeans into great shorts or a slightly worn sweater into gloves. You can give some things to the needy or sell them at vintage auctions. Another option is to put your unwanted clothes in a special garbage can, which you can often find in chain stores – it’s a simple and very ecological solution. In the future, try to buy rationally and decide on clothes that you really need. If you have new clothes, it is probably time to get rid of the old ones. Organizing your closet will then be much easier!

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