Closet of a minimalist, or how to limit clothes?

Closet of a minimalist, or how to limit clothes?
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Practically every woman, standing in front of her closet, finds that she has nothing to wear. Minimalists do not have such dilemmas! If you, too, want to create an ideal closet for yourself, be sure to check out how to compose versatile sets of clothes for every day.

Putting your closet in order

Before creating a new closet, it will be necessary to tidy up the clothes you already have. Divide them into groups:

  • to donate or sell – these are clothes that you don’t fit into for years, you stopped wearing them or they simply went out of fashion and are not likely to come back;
  • to keep – your new set of clothes should include your favorite, comfortable jeans, tracksuit set, white shirt or blouse, jacket and a classic formal dress;
  • for alteration – it is not worth throwing away things that require minor alterations, collect them in one bag and take to a proven dressmaker, they will surely serve you for a long time

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After tidying up your closet, see if you can put together sets for different seasons out of the clothes you have left. Among the clothes you should find sweaters, summer dresses, jackets, coats, jackets and jeans

How to compose a minimalist’s closet?

A minimalist has in her closet timeless clothes, which will always be fashionable. What is important, she will look unearthly beautiful in them. Minimalist closet does not have to be boring! A leather belt or jewelry will be enough to look very original.

The minimalist’s closet must include

  • a classic jacket – it will be suitable both for a dress and for simple pants and a shirt; it looks classic and you can wear it to work or for an evening out with friends; choose subdued colors of the jacket to be able to match it with different stylizations;
  • white shirt – promoted by Coco Chanel, it is still a triumph in women’s closets, always fashionable and very sexy; you can wear it both with a woman’s suit and with worn-out jeans and sneakers;
  • neutral colored tops and blouses – one-colored tops and blouses go perfectly with sportswear and office outfits, with a pencil skirt they look just as good as with shorts or jeans; with them you can create a classic look;
  • well tailored jeans – this element of clothing can take years off our appearance, and it goes well with a classic white shirt; such jeans emphasize the buttocks and shape the figure perfectly; each of us should have at least one pair of well tailored jeans;
  • little black dress – this is also a key style created by Coco Chanel, who knew very well that a black mini dress would be a real fashion hit; it is simple, elegant, and thus very sensual; you can wear it to a family celebration, date or to work;
  • woolen coat – in winter you also need to feel comfortable, and at the same time elegant, so instead of a down jacket choose a woolen coat; leave sports outerwear for mountain climbs; to feel elegant buy a classic diplomat with a wide collar, you will look stunning in it;
  • maxi dress – there are often special occasions, when it is worth looking more elegant than usual; your closet should also include an elegant maxi dress, which will complete your evening look; it should be navy blue, red or powder pink.

The minimalist’s closet must not include clothes that cannot be easily matched. Leave printed T-shirts, colorful skirts with frills or leggings with tacky prints for your younger sister. Elegance often requires simplicity, so try to construct your closet with clothes that will go well with your style, but also with other parts of your closet. Basic clothes are enough to create many everyday sets from them

This way, your closet will be filled with only the clothes that you actually want to wear.

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