Ecological porcelain kitchen accessories

Ecological porcelain kitchen accessories
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Moving into your own house or apartment requires buying the right everyday items. According to the latest trends, it is worth betting on ecological, porcelain kitchen accessories.

Being eco-friendly can go hand in hand with elegance, chic and good taste. Using ecological, porcelain kitchen accessories is the best proof of that. What’s more, these items of equipment significantly surpass accessories made of plastic and other plastics in quality and style.

Eco trend in the kitchen

With the growing awareness of climate change, more and more people are adopting habits that are aimed at protecting nature. The eco trend is also visible in the kitchen. More and more cutlery and equipment elements are replaced with environmentally friendly materials. This way we reduce the amount of omnipresent, harmful plastic. Porcelain is experiencing a second renaissance because of its properties

Why is porcelain so popular?

Porcelain has many advantages. It is not only a delightful table decoration, but also an extremely practical element of the kitchen. Coming back into favor, porcelain was especially appreciated by our grandparents’ generation. In this aspect, it is worth returning to the old fashion, because its use is recommended not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because of the environmentally friendly material. Accessories made of porcelain enjoy exceptional durability. It is not without reason that antique porcelain plates are hundreds of years old and are still in excellent condition.

Take care of your health

Porcelain has extremely low water absorption, as well as a distinct acid resistance. If it does not have platinum or gold designs, it can be successfully used for reheating meals in the microwave and even freezing. In all these processes, it does not emit any harmful substances. Thus, it is good not only for the environment, but also for our health.

What should I consider when choosing porcelain?

Porcelain is a great idea both for buying for your new home and as a gift. Ecological porcelain accessories are mainly kitchenware, such as plates, tureens, cups and other such dishes. When looking for suitable porcelain, we should choose reputable companies to make sure that it is high quality. At the same time, it is worth reading the opinion of friends who use such porcelain.

What eco-friendly accessories made of porcelain can be used in the kitchen?

As noted earlier, porcelain is a great substitute for plastic. Here are some suggestions for what you can use this material:

  • serving food for children – there are special porcelain sets for children, which perfectly replace plastic;
  • preparing food – in this case it is worth choosing porcelain platters, plates and bowls;
  • heating food in the oven – porcelain is extremely resistant to high temperatures – it can be successfully used for baking dishes, tarts and even cakes;
  • freezing food – as with baking, porcelain is also resistant to extremely low temperatures;
  • refrigerating food – storing food in salad bowls and tureens will work perfectly with porcelain dishes;
  • serving drinks – porcelain jugs will look much better than plastic bottles or carton juices.

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