How to set aside a space for a dog in the house?

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How to set aside a space for a dog in the house?
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Having a dog at home is a great pleasure and a lot of fun, but also a big responsibility. The most important moment is welcoming the dog in the new house, which is associated with great stress for the animal, which can be reduced by providing it with a permanent place where it can stay. How to do it, what should be there and what corner of the house is suitable for the dog? We suggest!

In what place will your dog feel best?

A house, especially one with many family members and many children, is a bustling place. Your dog should have its own place in a quiet space where it can calm down and hide from the noise or unwanted contact with people. However, it should not be a corner away from the rest of the household. An alcove in the living room or a less frequented corner in this room will work best. It cannot be the only place for the dog. Every pet in the house should have two beds – a living space and a “bedroom”, preferably together with its guardians. Separation from people who are close to the dog is often a cause of stress and anxiety, so don’t separate your dog, especially overnight. Both of these places your dog should have access to throughout the day. If you are afraid that a dog bed will spoil the decor of your house or apartment, rest assured, very aesthetically pleasing and decor-neutral dog beds can be purchased at

How to deal with omnipresent hair?

Even if the dog has its own corners in the house, where it can stay without any restrictions, it is impossible to avoid getting hair on the furniture, clothes or car upholstery. Caregivers often choose to let their dogs on the couch or bed, where huge amounts of hair accumulate over time. To solve this problem, you can try several methods. The cheapest and most basic way is to pull the fur off with a damp rubber glove (preferably one with tabs, designed for washing dishes). You can also buy a special brush for cleaning textiles from hair on the Internet, but this is already a cost of several dozen zlotys. On the other hand, when it comes to hair in the car, the best solution is to cover the seats with a protective mat which you can buy at Such a mat installed in a car for the time of transporting a dog, e.g. to a vet or on vacation, will effectively protect the upholstery not only against hair but also against dirty dog paw prints

What should a layette for my dog contain?

You already know that a dog needs a bed, but there are also a few other things that are very important for your dog to live well in your home. First of all, your dog needs bowls: a metal one for food and a ceramic one for water. In ceramic, water spoils later and tastes better, which makes your dog more eager to drink it. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is neutral for food because it doesn’t react chemically with it, and it’s durable and resistant to dog teeth. In addition, you need walking gear – a harness or collar and a leash. Avoid automatic leashes, because they are dangerous (they can cut your hand), do not allow you to communicate properly with your dog while walking and cause anxiety. Your dog also needs different types of toys – for licking, sniffing, tearing, and biting and chewing. Only buy toys that are approved, safe and proven. Chews should be of good quality and contain no chemicals or dyes. The best choice is antler, coffee wood, dried offal or Himalayan yak milk chews. You can buy a layette for your pet at the online pet store

A layette for a dog should meet all his needs and allow the realization of all healthy instincts.

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