Elegant, practical and ecological table setting

Elegant, practical and ecological table setting
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We spend a lot of time sitting at the table with family and friends and eating meals. It is worth celebrating such moments, emphasizing their importance through careful preparation of the table. We suggest how to create an elegant, yet practical table setting in the spirit of eco.

Meetings at the table should be a ritual that integrates family members and close friends. Solemn dinners, romantic suppers, late breakfasts – each meal deserves a beautiful setting, thanks to which enjoying food and the closeness of loved ones will become even more enjoyable. It is enough to remember a few rules to make our table always look elegant and practical at the same time. It is also worth bearing in mind ecological solutions, so that after each dinner we do not have to throw away piles of paper napkins and plastic straws.

Tablecloth – a solid foundation

A tablecloth should be an elegant base for the table setting. Choose those made of strong, good quality materials, for example linen or cotton. Such fabrics are much more durable, so they will serve you for at least several years, and they look more chic than oilcloths. The most universal choice would be a white or beige tablecloth. A composition of fruits or flowers looks beautiful on its background. There is nothing against opting for a tablecloth in an intense color, especially in summer. If you do not want to cover the whole table with a cloth, choose a runner, which will cover only a part of the table top.

Tableware full of harmony

Dishes served in an aesthetic way are pleasing to the eye and make the eating itself an aesthetic experience. Make sure to have at least one full set of stainless steel dishes and cutlery. This will keep the tableware from looking chaotic. Matching bowls, plates and cups create an elegant, timeless setting for a meal. Remember also about proper cutlery arrangement – put the fork on the left side of the plate, knife and spoon on the right, and spoons and dessert forks above the plate.

Natural and delicious table decorations

Natural decorations will add beauty to any table setting. Use seasonal fruits and vegetables and arrange them in compositions that will decorate the center of the table. Collect flowers and leaves, too. In spring put daffodils in a vase, and in summer prepare a bouquet of field flowers as often as possible. In autumn, leaves and decorative pumpkins collected on a walk can replace flowers. Decorate the winter table with pinecones and spruce or pine branches. At any time of year you can add lanterns and candles to your arrangement – even artificial ones work well, especially if you have small children at home.

Forget about plastic

Plastic has nothing to do with elegance, so give up plastic cutlery, packaging and other serving accessories. A more ecological solution is to choose wooden, bamboo, rattan and glass products, which not only look more aesthetically pleasing, but are also more durable and timeless. Moreover, such natural materials go well with both modern and traditional rustic arrangements. Also, ditch the paper napkins in favor of fabric ones. Napkins are a practical decoration for the table, complement the setting and protect from dirt.

main photo: pixabay.com/AngieToh

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