Linen bedding – why should you choose it?

Linen bedding – why should you choose it?
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Linen bedding can make your sleep long and undisturbed. It looks great in any bedroom and is nice to the touch. Check out all the benefits of having linen bedding.

Sleeping under linen sheets

Many people find that sleeping under linen bedding is very healthy, especially for the skin. They also notice that it is less prone to irritation, and they feel cool and light, even during hot nights. Importantly, when in contact with linen bedding, hair is less likely to become static and damaged.

What is it made of?

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics and was used even in ancient times. Scientists have found linen sheets and bandages, among other things, in the tombs of the pharaohs. The fabric is made from fibres of the plant – common flax. It is distinguished by its extraordinary strength and durability. It can be noted that, compared with cotton, it is less prone to tearing or abrasion.

Linen bedding – advantages

Linen bedding is extremely elegant. It looks beautiful in the bedroom and is usually finished with lace or frills. For someone who appreciates classic style, linen bedding will be a perfect choice. Additionally it will impress you with its stylish look, whether you have a modern or rather classic bedroom.

For ecology lovers we also have good news – linen is an ecological and fully biodegradable fabric. Importantly, it is made from 100% plant-derived material. It will be an ideal choice for vegans as well. If you are worried about the process of fabric softening, linen is eco-friendly in this case too. Manufacturers of linen bedding also try to dye it using biodegradable dyes.

Linen bedding is also extremely soft and pleasant to the skin. It creates the right microclimate for your skin, so after a night spent under a linen pillowcase you won’t feel overheated. This is the perfect choice for the hot summer months. Additionally it is recommended for all those who have problems with skin redness, allergy or rash. It can also be used for children with atopic skin

A night under linen sheets will be pleasant – your muscles will become relaxed, and your skin will not be sweaty. Flax fibers stimulate microcirculation, which has a positive effect on the whole body. Linen very well wicks away moisture. It also has thermoregulatory properties. It regulates the temperature of the skin, thanks to which you will not overheat in summer, but also will not feel cold in winter. Compared to traditional cotton bedding, it is more recommended.

Interestingly, linen bedding is effective in protecting you from the elements because it has lignins. They are a filter for UV or gamma rays. Also, it has a protective effect on the skin by trapping pathogens or dust. It can inhibit the multiplication of dangerous fungi and is hypoallergenic. This is extremely important – linen fiber also does not attract dust and dust mites.

Many users of this type of bedding greatly appreciate its durability. It is a choice for years and even generations. In comparison to cotton its fibres are 2 times stronger, and in case of wool it is even three times more durable than it. Over time, linen only becomes softer to the touch. It does not get moldy and is very easy to wash, even at 60 degrees.

How to care for linen bedding?

Linen “likes” to be washed in liquids for wool and cotton. It contains softening agents in it, which make this fabric gain softness. It should not be washed at a temperature higher than 60 degrees Celsius. However, you can iron it even with an iron set at 200 degrees. This ensures sterilization, so important in case of allergies or small children. To dry your linen cover, hang it out to dry on a drying rack. Drying it in a tumble dryer, unfortunately, will make it wrinkle a lot and it will not regain its former cut.

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