How do I protect the media on my home insurance policy?

How do I protect the media on my home insurance policy?
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Multimedia are an inseparable element of every home. Without them we cannot imagine our daily functioning. Smartphone, computer, TV, Internet connection. Each of these devices and services facilitate our daily functioning and makes life easier. What are home multimedia? What is included in them? How to protect them with an insurance policy?

Multimedia at home, or actually what?

For several decades the world has been experiencing a multimedia revolution. Development of technology, more and more new equipment and devices, make it easier for us to explore the world around us. What exactly are multimedia? These are media that combine several forms of communication, i.e. text, image, sound and video. Thanks to the fact that they affect many senses, they enable interaction. Multimedia enable us to use information technologies more easily. They have been massively used for a long time and accompany us at every step of our lives. Multimedia include smartphones, TV sets, laptops, tablets, desktop computers. It is also smaller equipment such as e-book readers or DVD players

What to keep in mind when designing multimedia at home?

As we already know, multimedia have an important function in our lives. We cannot imagine our daily functioning without them. When we do not have access to them, we often feel empty. When designing a multimedia home, one should start with a good Internet connection. Fast transmission and downloading guarantee that you will always be able to use all the functions of your devices. Once you have a good connection and a quality router that will provide a stable connection, you can proceed with the next steps in designing your multimedia home. The next step is to choose the place where the TV and the computer equipment will stand. When choosing the location, let’s remember about lighting and the appropriate distance from the rest

Multimedia protection – how to combine it with a home insurance policy?

Multimedia equipment such as a laptop, TV set or desktop computer is not cheap. Therefore, it is worth protecting it against accidents. Multimedia are part of the equipment of each apartment and can be insured against accidents. Devices and home appliances are extremely delicate, so it is not difficult to damage or completely destroy them. You can insure your multimedia against the following fortuitous events

  • fire – a short circuit in the electrical system or overheating of the device can lead to it
  • flooding – a washing machine or dishwasher malfunction may lead to flooding of the apartment and the multimedia devices inside
  • flooding – floods are becoming more frequent in our country. Water destroys all possessions including multimedia
  • overvoltage – it is not the same as a lightning strike. Overvoltage is a sudden change in voltage. It can be caused, among others, by a lightning strike.

Insurance policy coverage does not include damage by a pet, child or breakage. For more information, visit

Multimedia insurance – how to choose it?

Home insurance policies also cover movable property, which includes multimedia. When buying a policy, pay attention to the extras. When choosing insurance, you may decide to buy equipment protection as well. Insurance companies offer different rates. Before you choose the best for you, compare them using one of the available programs such as

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