How to introduce minimalism in the kitchen?

How to introduce minimalism in the kitchen?
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Minimalist environment is the first step to achieve not only harmony at home, but also peace of mind. Here’s how to gracefully decorate your kitchen so that it doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your home with clutter.

Keep trinkets to a minimum

Minimalism in its assumption imposes the principle that if an object does not serve a specific function, it should not be part of our lives. Such a strict approach to property may be a hard pill to swallow for people who are just starting their adventure with this style.

Allow yourself a margin for error. Yes, getting rid of things without function is one rule, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow it. The heart of minimalism is not to persistently throw every decoration in your home in the trash, but to organize a clean, calm space where nothing distracts you. Simply try to keep unnecessary accessories and meaningless trinkets to a minimum. When deciding which decorations to get rid of, follow Marie Kondo’s principle: if something doesn’t make you happy, it’s time to say goodbye to it.

The cupboard is your friend

The kitchen can be a tricky room when it comes to minimalism. Well, how do you bring order and tidiness to a room that always has too much stuff in it? There are four different sets of cutlery hiding in the drawers, you keep eight broken plastic food bowls in the pantry for some reason, and there’s always a dirty dish in the sink. Oh, and there are shopping lists from a few weeks ago still taped to the fridge. Doesn’t smell like minimalism, does it?

First, get rid of all the things that are no longer usable. Old sponges, the previously mentioned shopping lists, dishes you don’t use. This will make your organizational job easier. Next, bury small utensils such as cutlery sets in drawers.

If you have the option, don’t use furniture with open designs or glass doors. Although minimalism as a style is characterized by openness, by tucking all the little things away where you can’t see them, the kitchen will appear much larger and cleaner. Any accessories for the kitchen – pots, cutting boards, containers, the list goes on endlessly – should also be tucked away in cabinets unless they also serve a decorative function. When you’re not preparing a meal, try to keep only tools that meet a certain color palette on top. A cluster of different accessories will seem smaller by melding into one larger spot.

Kitchen decor

Sometimes minimalist spaces, instead of seeming like a laid back and calm place, seem empty and heartless, especially if their dominant color is white.

So how to give life to a soulless loveseat? Use light wood as a color accent, which will add a warm glow to the space without cluttering it up. Also, make sure your kitchen is well-lit. Your windows don’t need curtains, but if you want privacy, opt for simple, long white curtains without any decorations. Sticking to the principle that your kitchen should mainly contain things that serve a function, use tableware as the decoration of the room. A beautiful coffee service arranged on a metal tray will work perfectly.

The best plants for minimalist decor are those that do not require special care, like cacti or succulents. Remember that these plants need lots of light. Succulents in the shade will pull their stems towards the sun and lose their attractive compact shape. Then choose a plant species that does well in diffused light – in the case of succulents this would be Haworthia.

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